PSG signed Gianluigi Donnarumma as a free agent, making it nine goalkeepers on the team


Paris Saint-Germain has a lot of money to spend on Gianluigi Donnarumma, but no one is talking about the other 8 goalkeepers on the team.  Gianluigi Donnarumma cost PSG top dollars as a free agent, the club was still responsible for the wages of eight other goalkeepers and they may have to loan some out.

PSG has these goalkeepers on the team.

  • Keylor Navas cost PSG 15 million euros (USD 16.5 million) transfer fee
  • Sergio Rico
  • Alexandre Letellier
  • Marcin Bulka
  • Alphonse Areola
  • Garissone Innocent
  • Lucas Lavalle
  • Denis Freanchi

PSG is loaded with lots of star players and the only reason to buy another player will be because they think they have a goalkeeper problem. With eight goalkeepers already on the team, adding one more is a bit bizarre.

PSG now has 9 goalkeepers in total, and any club that needs a goalkeeper can come to PSG to buy one.

Sergio Rico started the first year of his contract with PSG on the 5th of September 2020, the transfer fee was €6 million. Since he is still with PSG for 4 more years, he is expected to become the backup goalkeeper. Sergio Rico, 27, earns £44,000 per week, £2,288,000 per year playing for Paris Saint-Germain as a GK.

Alexandre Letellier, 30, PSG goalkeeper was supposed to leave the club on June 30, 2021, but his contract was extended for another year and he will be with the Ligue 1 club until June 20, 2022. Alexandre Letellier earns £6,500 per week, £338,000 per year playing for Paris Saint-Germain as a GK.

Marcin Bulka joined Paris Saint-Germain on a two-year contract, he made his first and only appearance for PSG on September 10, 2020,  when PSG played against Lens.  Last year, on September 28th, Bulka signed a contract extension with PSG until June 2025.  He is currently on loan at Cartagena, a Spanish club in Segunda Division. Then early this year (2020) Bulka was again loaned to a Ligue 2 club Chateauroux, he will be there until the end of the season.

Alphonse Areola is still contracted with PSG until 2023, but he may be loaned to Real Madrid or Fulham, both clubs are interested in his service. Areola earns £75,000 weekly as Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper and he makes £3,900,000 annually.

Garissone Innocent is currently out on loan for the 2021/2022 season at Normandy, Caen.  He is also at a health risk after suffering a heart problem during a Ligue 2 match against Chambly.  During the match, Garrisone Innocent fell unconscious when SM Caen and Chambly were playing against each other on a Saturday night. 

Garissone Innocent unconscious and on a stretcher.

He fell when the match was over, and became unconscious, he was rushed to the hospital where a heart problem was detected. Garissone woke back up and became conscious a few hours later and is now in a stable condition. According to reports, Garissone Innocent had a tachycardia attack (an abnormal electrical starting in the upper and lower chambers of the heart causing the heart to beat faster than normal). 


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