Marcelo Vieira the outstanding left back football might find hard to see again

    images 2020 04 03T092120.876
    images 2020 04 03T092120.876

    Marcelo Vieira needs no introduction in the world of modern football. He is a Brazilian player who plays professionally for Real Madrid of Spain. Marcelo joined the Los Blancos from his parent club in Brazil, Fluminense, in 2006 after Real Madrid paid a sum of €6.50m seal the deal that brought the Brazilian to Spain.

    He started his trade in Real Madrid in 2007 after the successful reign of Brazilian legendary left-back, Roberto Carlos. No one could ever imagine that there was any player that can replace Robert Carlos. Carlos was as complete as the entire squad all by himself. According to statistics, he can cover the entire left flank without the help of another.

    Meanwhile, Robert Carlos and Marcelo almost have everything in common especially in the Real Madrid playing squad. Carlos joined Madrid during the 1996/97 season and left the club for Fernabache in 2007 after playing about 347 matches for Los Blancos and scored a total of 47 goals. During his reign as a footballer, he was regarded as the most offensive-minded defender, this can not be detached from the fact that he started his career as a forward before he switched to being a defender.

    Reasonably, the end of his reign in Real Madrid made way for Marcelo to began his trade in Real Madrid. From 2007 till 2020 he had spent over 12 seasons in the club and has won several trophies for the Spanish club. Marcelo became a force to reckon with during the reign of Cristiano Ronaldo in the club, the king of square play and the master of header both saw the Los Blancos to winning several trophies across the European continent making the club one of the most successful in the history of football.

    Funnily, when Ronaldo left Madrid for Juventus many analysts had thought Marcelo would join the Italian giant too because they have both mastered their abilities. Marcelo is a very offensive-minded left-back, his dribbling skills are second to none and when Marcelo is still on the pitch, goal chances can be created anytime.

    A player as sophisticated like Marcelo it would interest you to know that he is one of the mild earners in the club. He earns about
    £150,000 on a weekly basis which amounts to about £600,000 monthly. His net worth is about $17 million.

    His Family Life

    Marcelo got married to his beautiful wife Clarisse Alves in 2008 after they had courted for years. Reports revealed that the duo has been together for years, precisely when they were 15-year-old.

    The duo is blessed with two gorgeous boys, their first kid Enzo Gattuso Alves Vieira is about 9-year-old while his second boy Liam Gattuso Alves Vieira was born in 2015.


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