Cristiano Ronaldo bought entire Juventus squad an iMac each to apologize for his Champions League red card vs Valencia – Wojciech Szczesny

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    images 2020 04 01T080134.346

    Juventus talisman, Cristiano Ronaldo was made to buy the entire Juventus playing squad a brand new iMacs to apologize for the 2018 red card against Valencia. This was revealed by Juventus’ goal stopper, Wojciech Szczesny.

    Cristiano Ronaldo played his first Champions League match for Juventus without luck, the five-time Balon d’Or winner was made to cry after he was shown the red card for pulling the hair of Valencia defender Jeison Murillo. His Champions League campaign for Juventus started with a very bad record which quite contrary to his style of play.

    Juventus, however, turned the match around to have a 2-0 win over their rival. However, Juventus’ former boss, Massimiliano Allegri have a standing order any member of the team that is found guilty of any act will apologize to the rest of the team by buying them an apology gift. The Old Lady’s s manager enforces the law that even the Balon d’Or winner was not spared by the rod of it.

    Although reports revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo did want to comply with the order at first, for about two months he didn’t do anything because he felt he has not done anything wrong.

    But club managers like Massimiliano Allegri will not have his legacy destroyed by the five times Balon d’Or winner, he talked Ronaldo into seeing reasons for buying the team a gift and in the end, the team got a new iMac computer.

    While Szczesny was speaking to the Polish talk show, he stated that: “Yes, we all have an iMac.

    “It took a very long time because he couldn’t process that red card and insisted high and low that he was not doing anything wrong.

    “It took him a bit, about two months of arguing, but we all have received an iMac.”

    What a perfect team Allegri built during his time in Juventus before he was replaced by Maurizio Sarri.


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