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Juventus’ Aaron Ramsey and Szczesny Give Arsenal FC Some Jabs

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Juventus duo Aaron Ramsey and Wojciech Szczęsny took turns to reflect on their decision to leave Premier League side Arsenal football club for Italian Serie A giants.

In November 2019, Aaron Ramsey left the gunners where he spent 11 years of his football career to reunite with Szczęsny who had left Arsenal since 2017.

While the two footballers were having a conversation on Foot Truck, Aaron Ramsey said he decided to leave Arsenal because the club was more or less a comfort zone to him.

The Wales international said when he became a free agent, many clubs in the Premier League came to secure his service but he decided to leave the Premier League as a whole to seek for a new challenge outside Britain.

Aaron Ramsey
Aaron Ramsey

The 29-year-old football star revealed that he couldn’t say no to Juventus when the club came for him because he needed a new challenge and opportunity to learn new things.

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Juventus is a massive club, one of the top teams around in the world so when they come calling for you it’s hard for you to turn them down”, he said.

“I was in a position where I was at a club for a very long time and I fancied a chance to get out of my comfort zone to learn a new language, hopefully very slowly.

“Again to test me in a different league and all the cup competitions we’re still in.

“We’re a top team and hopefully we can go far in many things and win many trophies with Juventus”

It is not good to stay in one club for too long, Szczesny tells Aaron Ramsey

Szczesny celebrating a win with his teammates at Juventus
Szczesny celebrating a win with his teammates at Juventus

On the part of Szczesny, the Polish goalkeeper said joining Juventus gives one the opportunity to feel how important it is to win titles, which is what is relatively lacking in Arsenal.

He noted that it was not good for a player to remain at a particular club for over 10 years without winning titles.

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“When you come here you get the feeling of how important it is to win”, Szczesny said. When you change the club you arrive at some point in your career where you just want to win trophies.

“It’s good being part of a young project of hopes for the future. But we’re the same age, we’re 29 and at some point you [Ramsey] say you’ve got six or seven years of your career left and you just want to win the championship, fight for the Champions League and challenge yourself.

“It’s not good just playing for the same team for 10 or 20 years and winning nothing.”

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