Coronavirus: Arsenal players Alexander Lacazette, David Luiz, Nicolas Pepe and Xhaka to be disciplined for violating social distancing rule

    images 2020 04 23T194313.949
    images 2020 04 23T194313.949

    About four Arsenal players have been accused of violating the lockdown protocol set aside by the government to stop the spread of the novel Covid-19. France international player, Alexander Lacazette, Brazilian star David Luiz and about two other players of Gunners have been talked to by the club after pictures and videos emerged of them breaking the lockdown rule.

    According to reports, Arsenal has contacted the players since the video and pictures came online showing the moments they broke the lockdown rule in their respective places.

    Nicolas Pepe was seen in a video playing football with friends in North London which contravenes the lockdown rules set aside by the authorities to stop the spread of the virus. Xhaka and Luiz were seen linking up in Southgate while French man Lacazette was pictured closely speaking to a car valeter on his driveway.

    It is expected that the Arsenal players found guilty of violating lockdown orders will face severe disciplinary action from the club. Meanwhile, it is worthy to know that they are not the first set of Premier League star players that will violate the lockdown protocol.

    This new development has only made Arsenal players the latest Premier League star players to violate the lockdown rule in the UK. It would be recalled that Tottenham players Serge Aurier and Moussa Sissoko recently apologized for breaking break the lockdown rule after videos surfaced online showing the two-star players training together.

    The United Kingdom which stood as one of the badly affected countries in Europe has been on lockdown for several weeks due to the outbreak of the novel Covid-19. As it is now, the number of infected victims in the United Kingdom stands at 138,078, and over 18,738 death cases have been reported.

    Meanwhile, the good news is that the United Kingdom through the research team of Oxford University have created a vaccine for the virus to be tested soon.


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