Arsenal players to return to training on Monday

Screen Shot 2020 04 27 at 12.49.52 AM
Screen Shot 2020 04 27 at 12.49.52 AM

Arsenal’s training ground was closed and players are not allowed on the facility because head coach Mikel Arteta tested positive for Coronavirus. Also, the Coronavirus pandemic is another reason why Arsenal players have been asked to stay at home until things die down a bit.

However, the Arsenal front office felt the need to reopen training ground and they have asked players to come to the facility to train starting on Monday. But, social distancing will be strictly enforced.

According to the memo sent to the player, “Players will be permitted access to our London Colney training grounds next week,” Arsenal said in a statement on Saturday. “Access will be limited, carefully managed and social distancing will be maintained at all times.

Moreover, only five players at a time will be allowed to enter the facility. Each player has his assigned training time so that the social distancing rule can be enforced.

Arsenal is the only team that has asked players to return to training, all the other English premier league teams have asked their players to remain at a home.
More details coming soon.


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