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Jurgen Klopp Says Liverpool’s Success Depends on What Other Clubs Are Doing

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Jurgen Klopp, the coach of Liverpool says the success of the club depends on what other clubs are doing, noting that the team is not a finished article despite being almost invincible in the interrupted 2019-2020 football season.

Liverpool has been extraordinary in the outgoing season which has been halted since March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So far, the club has played 29 matches registering record-breaking 27 wins, a lost and a draw, and recorded 82 points to remain at the summit of the Premier League.

As at March when the club played its last Premier League match against Bournemouth which ended 2-1 in favour of Liverpool, the Anfield club had maintained its lead at the top of the league table with 25-point ahead of the second-placed Manchester City.

The only ‘but’ the defending champion of the Uefa Champions League has this season is that the club couldn’t defend its European title as the club crashed out in the round of 16 to Atletico Madrid 2-4 on aggregate.

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Still, the invincibility of the club this season in the Premier League cannot be questioned has the club has proven that its goal is to win the Premier League title for the first time in 30 years.

“We will not change, that’s the first thing, but whether we will be successful depends on what other clubs are doing as well because they have all the chance to improve things, do things better. So I have no clue what the future will hold for us”, Jurgen Klopp told Sky Sports.

“But we will not change, this team is not the finished article, and we have a lot of space for improvement, and we work on that.

“We have fresh blood internally coming through. We can improve with this team, which is great.”

Time was all Jurgen Klopp needed

Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool players celebrating their Champions League title win in 2019

The success of Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool is often linked to the longevity he has enjoyed at the club despite losing out from a series of finals. Pundits believe that he became a success with the team because he was given the freedom and the time to build the team he has been dominating the Premier League with.

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“It was really clear we needed time. It was clear we cannot fix it overnight. Everyone wanted that, but we couldn’t so I had to ask for time”, he said.

“We got that time, and the nice thing is that after six, seven, eight games, they were really positive about the situation, they realised we were on the right path. From that moment they didn’t question it one second. They were full of faith and trust, and they said the path we will stay on, and everything will be fine.

“That’s what we did then. When we lost finals against Sevilla or City or Real Madrid, I think pundits say then if he doesn’t’ win the next one then they might change, but internally it was never somebody thinking like this.”

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