Aubameyang joins Liverpool Henderson to talk about Premier League salary reduction

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    PhotoGrid 1586078817424

    Arsenal Fc team captain, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang joined his fellow counterpart Liverpool Fc captain Henderson, in talks about Premier League salary reduction. The salary reduction will be in a form of part salary donation to help fight coronavirus outbreak season. If the plan is successful, all contributions will go to the UK health system and charity organization.

    Meanwhile, all major means of revenue for clubs has been abated since the outbreak of coronavirus started, no penny has been generated from ticketing for the past couple of weeks. Clubs need to do everything possible to stay alive until the world sees the end of the deadly coronavirus. Also, as part of their social responsibility, Premier League clubs aim to donate several millions of pounds to National Health Service NHS in the fight of the pandemic.

    Aubameyang and club manager, Mikel Arteta held a conference call with other Premier League managers and captain to propose the salary reduction for all players in the league. The Premier League is willing to join fully in the fight against the virus by providing funds to necessary authorities to intensify the fight against it.

    It would be recalled that Liverpool announced that some of their non-playing staff has been placed on furlough. The club stated that the affected staff will get up to 80% of their salary from the United Kingdom government. They, however, stated that the club is ready to top up any shortfall.

    Nevertheless, this new decision by the Reds has generated a lot of criticism from people. Some of the notable critics are two former Liverpool players, Jamie Carragher and Stan Collymen. They believe that the club should not depend on the government to pay the salary of its workers. Whereas, clubs are doing some of these things to ensure that clubs survive this turbulent moment the world of football is currently facing.


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