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Henderson to lift Premier League trophy despite knee injury

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Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has said that injury will not stop the club’s captain, Jordan Henderson from lifting Premier League trophy.

Henderson sustained a knee injury while playing for the Reds against Brighton – a match the club won 3-1. He won’t be needing surgery.

Unsure whether Henderson will wear full kit to lift the trophy, Klopp insisted that the skipper has to have the honour of lifting the trophy out of respect for his contribution to the club.

Jordan Henderson during Brighton game

He will have another opportunity to lift the record-breaking trophy for his team against Chelsea in the club’s final home game. This is going to happen 13 months after he lifted the Champions League and Club World Cup trophies.

Klopp speaks on how the captain can lift the trophy

Five years after succeeding Steven Gerrard as club captain, Klopp believes the former Sunderland midfielder deserves the recognition.

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“Get him out of the tracksuit? I don’t know yet. We will do everything that is possible to do it the right way. He is absolutely one of the great captains of this club,” said the Reds boss.

“I have no idea what will be the rule. If you are not in the starting line-up – which will be difficult for Hendo. Then I don’t know what we will do. We really thought, for the role he played the last years now, he deserves to be in that spot at that moment.

While noting that if he had gone for surgery, he would have been in hospital, which would have been difficult. So, with rehab starting immediately, Klopp said he will be fine and start training in a few weeks.

“So we will find a solution that shows the respect absolutely for what he did. All the boys want that by the way. They all want him to be there and that was one of the first things I heard after we won the league.”

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Henderson usually do a trademark little dance with his feet immediately before lifting a trophy. But it remains uncertain of he will be able to do that after being injured.

Henderson determined to come back stronger

The skipper took to his Instagram page, saying it’s not the way he had preferred to finish the season on a personal level.

“I’m sure the lads will ensure we finish the season off on a high.”

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