Defender Sergio Ramos Strikes Better than Griezmann


    It is laughable to see that a natural defender could score more goals than a pure forward. This is the case of Sergio Ramos and Antoine Griezmann. They both play in the Spanish La Liga and in two of the biggest clubs in the world.

    Griezmann is a 29-year-old Spanish footballer who was the king of goals at Atlético Madrid. In 5 years at the club, the pacing striker scored a whopping 94 goals in 180 appearances.

    He decided to leave the club in 2019 for Barcelona since Atlético Madrid could not give him the opportunity to win titles as he wanted. It is always a thing football fans especially his critics use to mock him that despite how good he has been, he has not been able to win major titles in club football.

    Sergio Ramos
    Sergio Ramos

    Unfortunately for Griezmann, when he got to Barcelona, he didn’t find it easy as it was for him while at Atlético Madrid. He is now used as a second striker instead of a top 9.

    Hence, his goal ratio in the 2019-2020 season has drastically dropped that one can easily compare him to Sergio Ramos, the captain of Real Madrid.

    Ramos is a 34-year-old defender who has been at the top of his game since he joined Real Madrid from Sevilla in 2005. So far, he has played for Real Madrid over 448 times and has scored over 67 goals as a defender.

    This season alone, the veteran defender who also captains the Spanish national team has played 29 times in the Spanish La Liga, scoring 8 goals in the league alone.

    If you compare this to the performance of Griezmann, one could see a sharp irony in how they have both enjoyed their time this season. For instance, Ramos has scored 8 goals in 29 appearances, so also a striker who is 5 years younger than him.

    This season, Griezmann has managed to score 8 times in 31 appearances. However, Griezmann has been better than Ramos in terms of assists as he has made 4 assists so far this season. While Ramos has not recorded any assist.

    It is however worthy of note that most Sergio Ramos’ goals are gotten from spot-kicks while Griezmann gets his from open play.


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