Antoine Griezmann weekly wages and salaries

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    Antoine Griezmann is a French player playing professionally for Fc Barcelona after he signed a contract worth about €120 million from his former club, Athletico Madrid. Though, the former side was hellbent that Barcelona pays the sum of €200 million which was the initial agreed amount.

    Many football critics opined that the Frenchman’s move to Barcelona is not a wise one because of the existing giant and goal scoring machine, Lionel Messi. Critics believed Lionel Messi’s star will outwit that of Antoine Griezmann who clearly still stands a chance of becoming the world’s best player. Recall that personal glory was one of the reasons why Neymar Jr forced his move away from Barcelona because he feels will never get to show himself if he continues to play alongside Messi.

    Despite all these speculations, Antoine Griezmann defiled all odds to sign a contract with Barcelona in July 2019. His contract with Barcelona makes him be one of the highest-paid players in the world. While in Barcelona, he is the next after Lionel Messi who is currently the highest-paid player in the world.

    According to verified reports, the Frenchman earns about €21m per year while he takes home €404,000 every week in Barcelona which is clearly different from what he earns when he was still at Athletico Madrid.

    No doubt, the Frenchman might not be earning himself enough accolades as he used to when he was in Athletico Madrid. However, the type of money the 28-year-old footballer earns in Barcelona is more than enough accolades for his professional career. Though, if he should tarry in Barcelona while Messi has not retired from the team yet, he is most likely not to earn himself that personal glory that every big player desires a lot. Nevertheless, he will definitely save enough for retirement with the type of wages he earns in Barcelona.

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