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Video: RB Leipzig player Nordi Mukiele stretchered off after the ball hit him in his face

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  • RB Leipzig Player Nordi Mukiele Injury update.
  • He was stretched off to the hospital for further evaluation 

An RB Leipzig Nordi Mukiele was injured in a match against Tottenham Hotspur today and it was a bad one. The match is the second leg of the Champions League match between the too. RB Leipzig won the first leg 1 – 0 and they are leading the second leg 3 – 0, making it 4 – 0 aggregate (the match is still going on). 

At the 53rd minute into the match, Leipzig Center Back Nordi Mukiele took a hard shot to the head from the side of his face and the ball knocked him down. 

 Nordi Mukiele got hit in the face by the ball from a close range, and he was down for a long time. He tried to get up from laying on his back, but he couldn’t. The was stretcher is out by the paramedics.

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Story developing. 


The stadium goes silent as concerns for Nordi Mukiele grow. #RBLSPURS

RB Leipzig eliminated Tottenham Hotspur in the last round of the Champions League. The won, 4 – 0 aggregate. Also, RB Leipzig player Nordi Mukiele is feared to be in serious condition because he swallows his tongue when he was injured in a match against Tottenham. See the video above.

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