Death of Diego Maradona: Eight medical personnel to stand trial in Argentina


    The Death of Diego Maradona is still generating controversies in Argentina even though the icon had died and was buried nearly two years ago. The latest update from Argentina confirmed that eight medical personnel would stand trial over the demise of the football great.

    Futballnews gathered that the eight medical personnel allegedly contributed to the Death of Diego Maradona by neglecting best medical practices in handling the health of the Argentine football icon. Hence, they are accused of “criminal negligence” in Maradona’s demise.

    Death of Diego Maradona: Eight medical personnel to stand trial in Argentina
    Diego Maradona after winning the 1986 FIFA World Cup with Argentina.

    The eight medical personnel were indicted after a medical panel found Maradona’s treatment was rife with “deficiencies and irregularities”. In line with that, a judge in Argentina ordered a culpable homicide trial.

    The Death of Diego Maradona and the pending trial

    Diego Maradona
    Late Diego Maradona.

    Recall that Diego Maradona passed away in Buenos Aires, Argentina in November 2020 weeks after his 60th birthday. The autopsy report confirmed that the Argentine football legend died of a heart attack.

    Before his demise, Maradona was recovering at home from surgery on a brain blood clot earlier in November. Days after, the world halted for a moment when the news of his demise hit the airwaves.

    Due to how sudden his demise was even though he was recovering from major surgery, Argentine prosecutors launched an investigation into the doctors and nurses involved in his treatment a few days after his death.

    In 2021, a penal of 20 experts examined the Death of Diego Maradona through his medical records and found out that the way his medical team handled him was “inappropriate, deficient and reckless”.

    The reports of the medical doctors suggested that Diego Maradona would have survived if he had received adequate medical attention. A court ruling confirmed this suggestion afterward.

    Hence, Diego Maradona’s neurosurgeon and personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque, a psychiatrist and psychologist, two doctors, two nurses, and one other will face trial in connection with the death of the football legend.

    Their trial will be centered on a legal definition of homicide based on negligence committed in the knowledge that it may lead to a person’s death. If found guilty, the eight medical personnel could spend as much as 25 years in prison.

    At the time of publishing this report, legal authorities in Argentina were yet to confirm when the trial would commence but it is expected that it might commence before the close of the year.


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