Cristiano Ronaldo Interview Part II: More Sensational Revelations and Thoughts [Full Video]


    Piers Morgan has released the second part of the Cristiano Ronaldo interview with stunning revelations from the wantaway Man United forward.

    Cristiano Ronaldo interview
    More stunning revelation from Cristiano Ronaldo interview Part II

    In the interview, Cristiano Ronaldo again slammed Erik ten Hag, talks about the World Cup, a juicy summer offer from Saudi Arabia, including a hint on potential retirement.

    The controversial chat with Morgan saw the disgruntled United star delved into his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson and his Old Trafford future.

    He called his arch rival Lionel Messi ‘a great guy who does great things for football.’ Heaping praise on his long-time rival, Ronaldo claimed the Argentinian is ‘magic’.

    Contrary to media reports that no club wanted him in the summer, Ronaldo revealed he snubbed £305Million two-year deal to play in Saudi Arabia in the summer, and blast media reports as ‘garbage.’

    On his preferred Premier League club to win the Premier League, Cristiano Ronaldo admitted that he would like Arsenal to win the Premier League this season – but only if Man United fail.

    He added that he liked the team, the zeal, the determination, and the coach Mikel Arteta, and will want them to win the Premier League if Manchester United can’t.

    ”I hope so. Manchester first, and if not, Arsenal is some team that I like to see play,” he said.

    On what he thinks sir Alex Ferguson will say concerning his controversial antics at Old Trafford, Ronaldo said he has no doubt Alex Ferguson will support and back him because he knows he is right. He, however, admired he has spoken to him for a month.

    ‘I don’t speak with him like one month ago, but he’s always on my side, he always understands me,’ he said.

    Cristiano Ronaldo interview: Man United star says Messi is a great player

    Ronald again slammed Erik Ten Hag for disrespecting him when he wanted to bring him on during Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Tottenham, with only three minutes left to play.

    According to him, reducing his playing minutes to three minutes in the game was a disrespect to him that’s the reason he walked off the stadium.

    On his suspension after the incident, Ronaldo admitted he was wrong but added three days suspension from first team training was too harsh a punishment – a situation that shocked even his kids when he relayed to them what happened.

    On retirement plan, Ronaldo said he will consider finally hanging the boot in two to three years from now, and finish his game at 40.

    ‘I think 40, will be a good age… But I don’t know, I don’t know the future,’ he said.

    He added that he will retire if Portugal wins the FIFA World Cup in Qatar but confessed that the clear favorites to win the tournament is Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, England, and France.

    Nevertheless, he did not ruled out Portugal from the race, saying the team has a good coach, young and great talents to win the tournament.

    On the controversy in Qatar, Ronaldo said he sees a very good tournament in Qatar, but admitted that national teams should focus on football.

    As the first part of the interview stirred reactions, it is more likely that torrents of reaction will swept this second part of the interview.

    According to reports, Manchester United were awaiting this second part of the interview to take a decision on Ronaldo’s Man United future.

    As things stand, it is pretty clear that Ronaldo’s days at the club is numbered. The wantaway striker may not even return to the team after the World Cup.

    It’s indeed difficult times for Ronaldo as he approached the twilights of a heroic and epic career in football.

    Cristiano Ronaldo Interview Part II: Full Video


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