Cristiano Ronaldo Interview Part 1: A Full Recap of The Thoughts of The Portuguese Star (Full Video)

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The first part of the Cristiano Ronaldo interview has now been fully released, with the next part of the interview still expected.

Full recap of Part 1 of the Cristiano Ronaldo interview

Futballnews takes a recap of the fears, hopes, and frustrations of Cristiano Ronaldo as captured in part one of the interview with Piers Morgan.

Hard to take criticism from former teammates

Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview did not just aim a dig at the Glazers’ handling of the club, his former teammates, who constantly criticized the Portuguese star, were slammed.

DC United head coach Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville were among the names Cristiano Ronaldo slammed in the interview.

Ronaldo maintained that it means a lot when those you have been in the dressing room together decide to criticize you.

“When ex-colleagues and team-mates criticise you and only see one point of view… it’s easy to criticize if you have a job on television because you must criticize to be more famous”, Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo added that the critics might not know what’s happening inside the training ground and the Carrington area – or even in his life.

He urged them not to only focus on one point of view, they should listen to his point of view as well before dropping their opinions.

On being a factor in Manchester United’s poor form this season

Ronaldo absolved himself of blame that he is the cause of Manchester United’s struggles this season. According to him, ” it is easy to apportion blame when you want to cover other things.”

He accused the press of trying to find fault and blame where there were no faults “so that they can sell more.” He even indicted some of his countrymen of joining the bandwagon to blame him for United’s struggles.

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Ronaldo said the criticisms, however, helped him know his true well-wishers and friends. He maintained that the outrageous media attention on him and his family was unnecessary and misplaced following Man United’s struggles.

“Even Portuguese press, they criticise me a lot. I don’t understand,” he said.

On well-wishers and supporters after son’s demise

Ronaldo was extremely grateful, especially to Liverpool fans. He did not expect it and was shocked when the fans applauded in the 7th minute as a sign of honor to him.

‘I never ever expected that [Liverpool fans applauding in the seventh minute at Anfield].’

He also extended his appreciation to English fans and the whole of England, particularly the Queen’s family who sent in their condolences during the sad incident.

“I have an opportunity now to say to all English communities, thank you a lot for that kindness they had with me. Not only Liverpool, but all of England.

“I received a letter from the Queen’s family as well, which surprised me a lot.”

On promising Manchester United youngsters

Out of all players who he thinks are promising at Old Trafford, Ronaldo mentioned and emphasized only one – Diogo Dalot – a fellow Portuguese.

Cristiano Ronaldo interview

He admitted admiring the youngster for his professionalism and character. Ronaldo also mentioned Lisandro Martinez and Casemiro but re emphasized Dalot as more promising.

‘If you tell me what I see in Manchester United, I can mention probably Diogo Dalot. He’s young but he’s very professional, intelligence, and smartness.’

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On Ralf Rangnick as Man United manager

Ronaldo again spews out another bombshell. He said he was pretty shocked when Ralf Rangnick was appointed as Manchester United manager when he was a sports director.

He admitted not being able to fit into the Ralf Rangnick system and the constant collisions was because the German wanted to revolutionize the whole structure, which didn’t work out.

”After Ole, they bring a sport directive Ralf Rangnick, which is something nobody understands”, he said.

“This guy is not even a coach. A big club like Manchester United bringing a sport directive surprised not only me but all the world.”

Ronaldo added that he has never heard of Ralf Rangnick, and part of the problem with Manchester United is this shady deals – bringing in less capable hands to coach a club of Manchester United pedigree.

Cristiano Ronaldo interview
Ronaldo said the Man United hierarchy did not believe him when he said his son was ill

According to him, this has made it impossible for the club to rival teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea – clubs that were once below them in the Premier League.

On the challenges of Manchester United since the end of Alex Ferguson’s era

Ronaldo said when the club signed him, Varane, and Jadon Sancho, he thought things would turn for the better, but it turned out to be another disappointment.

He admitted there had been a big gap since Sir Alex Ferguson left, not only on the pitch but off the pitch.

From “the pool, gym, jacuzzi, chef, technology” – all, according to him, are moribund – something that has surprised him “a lot.”

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On his return to Manchester United

Ronaldo was candid on his Manchester United return. He said he knew his time at Juventus was up, but returning to Manchester United was not on the cards.
The move was equally a surprise to him because he did not expect it.

However, when it finally happened, it was a dream move as he returned to his home and registered two goals on his debut – something he said was so special to him.

Cristiano Ronaldo interview

“So it was a special moment to be back at Manchester United and to perform for our fans, and of course, to score two goals was the best welcome I have received.”

Ronaldo added that former manager Alex Ferguson played a crucial role in his return as he had to answer to his conscience after contemplating joining Manchester City.

”Yes I did [speak to him]. He said to me that it’s impossible for you to come to Manchester City. And I said ok boss!

On the fans, Ronaldo said ”the fans are everything,” and he really loved it when they walked up to him in the streets of Manchester and appreciated what he had done for football.

Watch the full video of the Cristiano Ronaldo interview with Piers Morgan Below:

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan has stated that the final part of the interview will be released.

Futballnews will equally cover the remaining part of the interview as released later today.

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