Coronavirus in Football: Everton Football Club Explains How Fans Can Get Refund For Their Ticket Fee

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images 2020 05 18T125409.594

Everton football club is the latest club in the Premier League to announce that the club is ready to refund the money the fans have paid to watch the remaining 6 home games of the club.

Recall that the 2019-2020 season of the Premier League was suspended on March 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic which has been ravaging the United Kingdom.

However, efforts are being made to restart the season in June but that will only happen behind closed doors. This means that the fans who have already paid to watch Everton when they play on their home ground, would not have the opportunity to do so. Hence, they need to be refunded.

Recently, Brighton and Norwich football clubs took the lead and announced that they were to fully reimburse their fans who have paid for the tickets to watch the home games of their clubs.

But Everton did theirs and added a new twist to it. The club gave their fans who have already purchased home games tickets ahead, about three options – to be reimbursed in full, in part or use the money to pay for tickets for next season home games.

If the fans decide to forgo their ticket fees in full or in part, the club said the money would be paid into Everton‘s charity. The charity often helps the venerable in the community of Everton, especially during this period of coronavirus lockdown.

A statement from the club said: “Everton has confirmed all fans with tickets for the club’s remaining five home Premier League fixtures of the 2019/20 season will be able to claim a refund due to the increasing expectation that – should the remaining games be played -they will take place behind closed doors.

“Season Ticket Members will be entitled to a credit or refund on a pro-rata basis for the five games and will also be given the option to forgo part or all of their balance in order for the club to donate that amount in full over to Everton in the Community.

“The option for a portion – or all – of the available refund to be made available to Everton in the Community was introduced as a result of requests from fan groups and individual supporters who have been keen to show their appreciation for the club’s charity.

“Season Ticket Members who may not have renewed for the 20/21 season when the remaining games for the 19/20 season are confirmed will be given the opportunity to request that their refund entitlement be used as a credit towards their renewal for next season.”


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