Here is what Everton player Richarlison de Andrade is doing with his weekly wages

    Richarlison Everton
    Richarlison Everton

    Richarlison started his Premier League career at Watford, he played for one year for Watford FC, (2017 t0 2018), then he was traded to Everton where he had an exceptional first year. Richarlison was unstoppable in the year 2018 to 2019 while leading Everton’s attack. He scored 23 goals in 61 matches. 

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    When asked about his life as a premier league star, Richarlison spoke about his poor background and how things turned around for him for good. 

    He spoke about his humble beginning and what he plans to do with his money right now.  

    “I had practically nothing in my childhood and, suddenly, I can have almost everything. So I value it, I think about the future,” Richarlison told O Globo.

    “I’m not going to buy a big car. I invest in real estate, in other things for the future. Like this apartment here. Mother, father, uncle, grandmother, I already gave everyone their own home. My uncles have a car, my mum likes motorcycles and I bought her one. My sister has three children and I help with their education and health.”

    Richarlison also spoke about how he almost got dragged into crimes and gangs when he was younger. “The friends who played with me now work in supermarkets, others in the fields. Many friends from the street are in prison. I had everything to be a criminal. But I had my uncle advising me, I had Fidel, a coach who was a policeman, telling me that I had talent. Football took me on the right path.” He said about how football changed his life. 

    Everton has managed to groom Richarlison into a start that he is by focusing on his agility to beat defenders. “The guys there want to be strong. I soon realised how intense the game is, how important the physique is. But what I really invest in is gaining agility. Some defenders have a hard waist, so I can’t lose agility to beat them. What I improved the most was the heading. And the tactical requirement is great. We study the opponents a lot. If the attacker leaves space, doesn’t defend, it’s a goal.” He added. 

    The Brazilian Richardson spoke on adapting to the weather in London, ” … I am the type that stays on the street”. 

    “I’m not afraid of anything on the pitch. I do what I love. Fear, I just have of an injury. The difficulty was the cold. But I see players who talk about depression, about adaptation. That was not a problem for me. I was never a kid to stay with the family. I stayed on the street with friends.” – Richarlison.

    Richarlison wages 

    The Brazilian forward and Everton star earns £4,680,000 annually salary and his weekly take home is £90,000

    Click play to watch every Richarlision goal from 2018 to 2019.


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