Can Júlia Vigas, Thiago Alcântara’s wife stays in England?


One thing about marrying a football star is the fact that there is a very high possibility that you will have to keep moving from one country or city to another. That has been the fate of Júlia Vigas, Thiago Alcântara’s wife.

Both lovers met when Thiago Alcântara was still playing for FC Barcelona. Then, Júlia Vigas was in the city of Barcelona with the rest of his family. She was also studying Marketing and Communication at the University of Barcelona.

Besides her studies, the 30-year-old mother of two was managing “The Terramar” hotel she co-owned with her brothers and father, on the famous Costa Brava resort in Barcelona.

After she graduated from the university and her love for Thiago Alcântara grew stronger, she joined the Spain international in Germany when he decided to leave FC Barcelona for Bayern Munich.

After 6 years in Germany, rumors began to fly that Thiago Alcântara could return to Barcelona due to pressure from Júlia Vigas, his wife. The reported pressure Vegas was mounting on Thiago to return to Barcelona was because of her business interest in the city.

To the dismay of many who have been following the purported saga, the midfield maestro decided to leave Bayern Munich for Premier League side Liverpool this summer. As a supportive wife who she has proven to be, she didn’t make any negative public noise about the move which could imply that they have both talked about it and agreed before the deal was signed.

Júlia Vigas who used to be a blogger and very active on Instagram where she has accumulated over 123 thousand followers has made it public that she is in support of her husband’s move to Liverpool. She showed her sign of support when she took to her Instagram account after Thiago made her Premier League debut against Chelsea on Sunday, September 20 to share a picture of the midfielder wearing Liverpool’s jersey.

In the capture, Júlia Vigas wrote: “So happy to start this new adventure with you and our kids. Very proud of you!! @thiago6
We LOVE you, Papi”.

Can Júlia Vigas,
Thiago Alcântara’s wife stays in England?

Júlia Vigas, Thiago Alcântara and their two kids.
Júlia Vigas, Thiago Alcântara and their two kids.

Though Júlia Vigas has publicly shown that she supported her husband’s move to the Premier League, it is left to see whether she would exercise patients with her husband while in a very demanding league like the Premier League.

But from all indications, Vigas looks like a wife who will be very supportive because despite how active she has been on social media, she has never posted anything controversial against her husband or her husband’s affiliates.

She has been married to Thiago Alcântara since 27 June 2015 and yet, most of the things she has been sharing on her Instagram page are almost always about the good time she has been having with the football star.

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To cap it all up, both lovers like to travel, they can always fly to Barcelona at will whenever they feel like while in the City of Liverpool. Besides, Merseyside where the city of Liverpool is located in is a very natural abode which is a perfect match for the Costa Brava resort where her hotel is located.

Hence, Júlia Vigas is very much likely to stay in the city of Liverpool until the end of Thiago Alcântara’s four years contract and even beyond. The only thing that can make her move is if Thiago Alcântara is ready to move.

Their sweet union is blessed with two children – a two-year-old son named Gabriel and a six-month-old daughter named Siena.


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