Arsene Wenger gives reasons why he thinks France will win Euro 2020


Former manager of Arsenal football club, Arsene Wenger thinks his home country, France, would win the forthcoming European Championship (Euro 2020) due to the depth of the team.

The retired football technician believes that the French national team squad is so good that the players on the bench can play in any other national team squads.

Arsene Wenger is so sure of the depth of the squad that he said the team is not just a favorite to win the European Championship which will kick off on June 11, he described the team as super favorites.

France who are currently ranked the second-best national team in the world behind Belgium won the last edition of the FIFA World Cup. Hence, Arsene Wenger believes that France would go into the next edition of the World Cup in 2022 as European and World Cup champions.

The last time in the history of football that France held the FIFA World Cup and the European Championship trophy at the same time was over 21 years ago. During that period, France won the World Cup in 1998 and won the European Championship in 2000.

The possibility that the current French squad can repeat such a feat this era is very high. The team which is being managed by coach Didier Deschamps parades some of the best players in the world.

Arsene Wenger gives reasons why he thinks France will win Euro 2020
Sub-section of France players.

In almost every role, there is always a backup player who can play almost as well as the first-choice player. The good part is, most of the players have not reached their peak yet according to Arsene Wenger who is the FIFA chief of global football development.

He said: “They are not the favorites, they are the super favorite.

“Favourite is not big enough, because when you win the World Cup and then you have in your team, (N’Golo) Kante, (Paul) Pogba, (Karim) Benzema, (Antoine) Griezmann, (Kingsley) Coman, (Olivier) Giroud, I forget half of them. (Ousmane) Dembele.

“You will have on the bench 11 players who would play basically in any other national team.

“So you cannot refuse the fact that you are world champion and it’s a team which has not peaked.

“It’s a team that’s still going up because they’re all young these guys. Apart from two or three, the core of the team is very young.”

Before France can play in the European Championship final on July 11 at the Wembley Stadium in London, the team will have to pass through Germany, Portugal, and Hungary in Group F.

Once they scale through Group F which is believed to be the toughest in the competition, they will face other world-class teams in the subsequent stages of the championship.

One of the teams which Arsene Wenger believes might give France a tough time in the competition is England due to the depth of the English squad.

“The English team is for me the team who can most threaten France,” the ex-Arsenal manager noted.

“They have top quality players. They are maybe still a bit young some of them but this season with Mason Mount, (Phil) Foden, they have (Jack) Grealish, Declan Rice, and of course Harry Kane up front and some experienced players like (Jordan) Henderson. They can compete with France.”


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