Gianni Infantino brags about the transparency of the 2030 World Cup bidding process

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FIFA President Gianni Infantino has bragged about how transparent the bidding process of the 2030 World Cup would be. He stressed that he would be happy if there were more candidates interested in hosting the World Cup in 2030.

Recently, the United Kingdom and Ireland showed interest in hosting the 2030 World Cup which makes them the third group to make public their desire to host the tournament in 2030.

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation is one of the countries vying for the right to host the World Cup. The African country is reportedly planning to submit a joint-bid alongside its eastern neighbors, Algeria and Tunisia.

They are also looking at partnering with northern neighbors Spain and Portugal in a joint bid which could see countries in two different continents host the World Cup at the same time.

More so, Argentine Football Association and Uruguayan Football Association are also planning to stage a bid for the 2030 World Cup when the bidding process commences in 2022.

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The president of FIFA Gianni Infantino said all the candidates vying for the right to host the 2030 FIFA World Cup would be given a fair hearing and there would not be room for manipulation.

Gianni Infantino brags about transparency of 2030 FIFA World Cup bidding process
FIFA President Gianni Infantino.

Infantino cited the bidding process of the 2026 FIFA World Cup that produced the United States, Canada, and Mexico as the joint hosts of the world cup edition. The FIFA president said the 2030 FIFA World Cup bidding process would be as free and fair as the 2026 edition.

“I am very happy about what was I reading about the interest of Mr. Boris Johnson and the whole British world to host a World Cup,” Infantino said.

“The more candidates we have the happier I am because we will organize a bullet-proof bidding process, which is clean, which is transparent, which is professional, where the rules are clear ahead of the bids coming in.

“This is what we did last time and I am proud of that, because if we hadn’t done that you [the media] would have killed us, rightly.

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“But we did do a bidding process that went very well and we want to do the same [in 2030].”

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