Gabriel Magalhaes of Arsenal loses a tooth in David Luiz’s farewell


Gabriel Magalhaes of Arsenal suffered a painful loss after the club enjoyed a 2-0 victory over Brighton in their last league game of the season on Sunday, May 23.

The 23-year-old Brazilian center-back decided to join his teammate, David Luiz, on the pitch at the Emirates Stadium after Arsenal’s last league game of the season. When he got to the pitch, Gabriel Magalhaes embraced the 34-year-old Brazilian defender who is leaving the club when his contract expires this summer.

Other Arsenal players joined them on the pitch to celebrate David Luiz for his service to the club since he moved from Chelsea to Arsenal in 2019.

Arsenal players celebrate with David Luiz on Sunday, May 23.
Arsenal players celebrate with David Luiz on Sunday, May 23.

As the players surround the outgoing defender of the club to bid him farewell, one of the players in the crowd elbowed Gabriel Magalhaes on the mouth. Unfortunately for the defender who joined Arsenal from Lille last summer, he lost a tooth in the process.

Immediately some of his teammates on the pitch noticed what has happened, they began to laugh while he began to attempt to find the tooth. At this point, Gabriel Magalhaes couldn’t concentrate on the celebration as he continued to search for his lost tooth.

Gabriel Magalhaes trying to wash his mouth while his teammates laughed at him.
Gabriel Magalhaes trying to wash his mouth while his teammates laughed at him.

It became so bad for the defender that he had to wait behind after the celebration to continue to search for his lost tooth. The search became more intense when some members of the coaching crew decided to join him to search the empty Emirates Stadium.

According to reports, the search lasted for over 20 minutes before the coaching staff decided to give up. The departure of the coaching staff inspired the Brazilian to also go home.

As Mikel Arteta will spend most of the pre-season period trying to fix the Arsenal team that failed to qualify for European competition for the first time in over 20 years, the Brazilian defender would have to see a dentist to fix his lost tooth.

Recall that Gabriel Magalhaes joined Arsenal on September 1, 2020, for a transfer fee worth €26 million. Mikel Arteta decided to bring the Brazilian from Lille to help the defense of the team which he did in most parts of the 2020-2021 season.

However, his two goals in 22 Premier League games could not help Arsenal to finish beyond the 8th spot on the league table with 61 points in 38 league games, 6 points away from the 4th placed Chelsea football club.

This means that Gabriel and his fellow teammates would not play in any European competition next season. They will be left to fight for the Premier League title and other domestic competitions.


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