Arsene Wenger claims Super League intended to destroy Premier League

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Former Arsenal Manager, Arsene Wenger claimed that the failed European Super League intended to destroy the English Premier League.

Recall that when the European Super League was announced on Sunday, April 18, six Premier League clubs – Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur, were among the 12 top European clubs that signed up for the controversial league. This means that only 14 out of the 20 clubs in the Premier League did not sign up for the Super League.

As for the Spanish La Liga, only three clubs – FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Real Madrid signed up for the Super League. While in the Italian Serie A, three clubs – Inter Milan, AC Milan, and Juventus signed up for the league.

As for other top European Leagues like French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, and Portuguese league, no club signed up for the Super League which made it clear that the Premier League had more clubs in the failed league.

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Even though all the Premier League clubs withdrew from the league, two days after the league became official, the dust from the saga has refused to settle. The aftermath of the Super League has become so critical that most of the Premier League clubs’ owners that signed their clubs up for the failed league are being asked to resign.

About 4 days after the Premier League clubs bowed from the Super League, former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger who is currently FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development, told The Telegraph that “everybody in Europe dreams of destroying the Premier League”.

Arsene Wenger claims Super League intended to destroy Premier League
Former manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger.

Arsene Wenger said: From the start, I couldn’t believe it (European Super League) would work. The most surprising in all that was the English behavior. Everybody dreams of destroying the Premier League in Europe. In England, we do it ourselves.

“I can’t understand the rationality behind that because England voted for Brexit and now they want to bring a Super League. The English have the strongest league. The Super League would destroy, 100 percent, the Premier League.

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“The basis of our sporting culture in Europe is to have access through your performances to top-level competition.

“I don’t understand how anybody could believe that capping the link between the domestic league and access to the top league would pass and would be accepted by the fans.

“The rest is how amateurish all that looked in the presentation, in the preparation. You worry quite a lot about how our top clubs are managed. It looked to be a quick fix for the financial problems that these clubs have…

“I am very proud of the responsibilities the players have taken in this case,” he added. “It shows there is a huge evolution – we have seen since the start of the season in England that the players now are part of the political impact in society and rightly so. I am very proud of that evolution.”

Arsene Wenger remained one of the most respected personalities that ever coached a club in the Premier League. He spent over 21 years as the manager of Arsenal football club before he stepped down.

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During his era, he helped the club to win three Premier League titles, seven FA Cup titles, and a host of other honors. He has continued to remain an advocate of good football in his new role as the FIFA’s Chief of Global Football Development.

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