David Moyes of West Ham advocates for unified British League


The manager of West Ham United, David Moyes, has called for a unified British competition days after the football world united to abort the planned European Super League.

David Moyes believes that the attempted introduction of the European Super League should be seen as a call to reform the Premier League and open doors to clubs in other British countries.

Recall that the football world united against the formation of the European Super League when it was confirmed that 12 top European clubs had signed up for the failed league.

Out of the 12 clubs, six clubs came from the Premier League – Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham Hotspur. David Moyes said he was disappointed over the clubs’ decision to join the controversial league.

David Moyes advocated for two Premier Leagues to be introduced to reduce the number of league games clubs would have to play. He said top clubs in Scotland – Rangers, and Celtic should be admitted into the second Premier League.

David Moyes, the manager of West Ham United.
David Moyes, the manager of West Ham United.

He also questioned why the whole of the United Kingdom could not come up with a unified football competition that could earn the clubs more money and still protect the domestic leagues.

“I think reform is needed”, David Moyes said ahead of West Ham United’s most win Premier League game against Chelsea scheduled to kick-off at 17:30 today, April 24.

“Change is needed in some way. I think the Premier League has a brilliant product, I really do, but at the top clubs you’re talking about too many games, so could we have Premier League I and Premier League II?

“Could we have a situation where we do invite Rangers and Celtic to Premier League II? Why can we not unite the UK? Why do we have to be England and Scotland and not unite it?

“Why can it not be a pyramid that allows teams in the Scottish leagues to get into Premier League II? In fact, I think actually more money would filter down if Rangers and Celtic could be allowed to come in.

“Why can we not unite the UK? We are in Brexit now, we have our country, so why not? Rangers and Celtic would only enhance what is happening in England.

“Why not try and make what we have got something new and maybe take a few fewer teams, maybe two out of the Premier League and put in Premier League II, and we have a few extra weeks.

“The big clubs have got such a big program, and I can only see with the new programmes them getting so many more games, and it is getting too tough to play too many games.”

David Moyes will welcome Chelsea to London Stadium later today with the hope of beating Thomas Tuchel’s side to return to the top four. Currently, West Ham are occupying the 5th spot with 55 points in 32 games. While Chelsea are occupying the 4th spot with the same points as West Ham but with superior goals difference.

Chelsea need to beat West Ham to remain on the 4th spot while David Moyes and his boys need to win to replace Chelsea in the top four on the league table.


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