Zlatan Ibrahimovic advises LeBron James on Politics


    AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has advised American legendary basketball player, LeBron James, to stay out of politics and focus on what he is good at.

    LeBron James is one of the most followed and respected basketball players in the world. The 36-year-old iconic basketball star has won four NBA championships so far in his career.

    Besides basketball, James is always listed among the most influential people in the world by Forbes. It is believed that some people are influenced by what he says on and off the basketball court.

    Hence, he always uses his platform as a basketball player to agitate against discrimination against blacks and other political injustice in the United States of America.

    For instance, before the last presidential election in the USA, LeBron James was one of the public figures in the country that agitated heavily against the leadership of former President Donald Trump. His agitation against the policies of Trump’s administration was seen as one of the contributing factors to why Trump lost the election.

    AC Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic and NBA star LeBron James.
    AC Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic and NBA star LeBron James.

    On the part of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the 39-year-old football veteran believes that James’ involvement in politics was not necessary. The Swedish football star believed that James is a phenomenal basketball player who should stick to what he does best.

    He went on to describe himself as the best in the game of football and would not involve himself in politics, unlike LeBron James.

    “I like him [James] a lot. He’s phenomenal, but I don’t like when people with a status speak about politics. Do what you’re good at doing,” Ibrahimovic told UEFA and Discovery+ in Sweden.

    “I play football because I’m the best at playing football. I’m no politician. If I’d been a politician, I would be doing politics.

    “This is the first mistake famous people do when they become famous. For me it is better to avoid certain topics and do what you’re good doing, otherwise you risk doing something wrongly.”

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s assertion did not go uncontested. An American sprint icon, Michael Duane Johnson took to his Twitter account to slam the Swedish footballer for criticizing James.

    In his tweet, the 53-year-old four-time Olympic Gold Medalist and 8-time World Champion stressed that Zlatan Ibrahimovic should not comment on anything outside football since he does not want LeBron James to comment on politics.

    “Okay Ibra, based on your position @KingJames is great at basketball and shouldn’t voice his opinion about politics,” Johnson tweeted.

    “You’re really good at football so you shouldn’t voice your opinion about LeBron using his platform for good. Or your opinion on anything outside football!”


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