LeBron James: Basketballer’s $6.5m Liverpool’s investment now worth $43.6m

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Since winning the UEFA Champions League, Club World Cup, and the Premier League trophies the value of Liverpool FC has grown tremendously. One of the beneficiaries of such growth is the American basketball player, LeBron James.

The La Lakers player had invested $6.5, which is 2 percent of his stake in the club, and it has now risen to time six of the value.

Although many Premier League clubs have grown in value, LeBron James’ investment in Liverpool continues to pay off.

Lebron James
Lebron James is considered to be one of the most successful basketball players

Liverpool had won their first Premier League title in 30 years after Chelsea defeated Manchester City 21. With the league title in the bag for Jurgen Klopp’s men, many Liverpool investors are smiling as the value of their stake in the club continues to rise.

James,  who took to his Twitter page to celebrate the victory had received a 2% stake in Liverpool in 2011. According to ESPN, James’ stake in 2018 was initially worth about $6.5 million, but its value has grown tremendously.

James smiling to the back as investment roughly worth over $43 million

According to Forbe estimates as of May 2019, Liverpool’s value was $2.13 billion. This means that James’ stake would now be worth roughly $43.6 million. With the Premier League title in the bag, the 35-year-old basketballer will be smiling further to the bank once the dividends are shared at the end of the calendar year.

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Speaking to ESPN on the development, Maverick Carter, James’ business partner had in 2018 said it has been thrilling watching Liverpool becoming a top club again.

“It has been a thrill to watch such a storied club make their way back to the top again and to be a part of it all. LeBron likes the fact that he’s diversified in another global sport.” LeBron James owns a lot of businesses: LeBron James Shoes, Pizza business, Television Network, and more.

Apart from the cup success, Liverpool’s value has also risen in TV Broadcast right share of the English Premier League. The Premier League had signed a massive TV deal in 2015 which was over 1 billion pounds.

Who is LeBron James?

Born on December 39, 1984, LeBron Raymone James is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He is one of the greatest basketball players in NBA history having been compared to Michael Jordan.

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He has played in eight consecutive NBA Finals (2011–2018 seasons) during his stints with the Miami Heat, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron James

He has three NBA championships, four NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, three Finals MVP Awards, and two Olympic gold medals in his locker.

James is also the all-time record holder for playoffs points, and third in all-time points. The 35-year-old is also eighth in all-time assists.

His heroic on the field of play has made him be selected to the All-NBA First Team twelve times, which is an all-time record.

Apart from making All-Defensive First Team five times, James has played in sixteen All-Star Games, and got selected All-Star MVP three times.

Lebron James’ net worth

Lebron James is worth more than $450 million. This is because Forbes had in 2018 estimated his net worth at $450 million.  

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