Wilfried Zaha hangs out with his lover Paige Bannister and baby Saint Zaha

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Crystal Palace talisman, Wilfried Zaha and his adorable lover Paige Bannister hangs out with their son who is referred to as Saint Zaha.

The boy was born in 2020, less than four years after the football star started dating Bannister. She and the Ivory Coast footballer started dating when she was studying at the University of Westminster in London.

Though Wilfried Zaha and Paige Bannister always try to keep their relationship private, they are never totally out of reach on social media. They use every given opportunity to flaunt themselves on social media as two inseparable lovebirds.

Reports claimed that Zaha’s relationship with Bannister did not start in the usual way. As stated earlier, the football star started dating the damsel when she was still studying for a college degree. Their relationship peaked when she was in her final year.

During that period, Bannister was reportedly dating an up-and-coming footballer identified as Kortney Hause. While Wilfried Zaha was reportedly in a relationship with an Ivory Coast lady who gave birth to his first son Leo Zaha on August 5, 2016.

Though Bannister knew that the football star was in a relationship and Zaha knew that a football star playing for the England under-21 team was dating Bannister, both lovebirds went on to continue with their love affair.

Since 2016 that the relationship started until date, no serious issue had happened in the relationship that would warrant their break up. The relationship has been growing from strength to strength.

Instead of seeing any sign of an end to the relationship, all the football stars always flaunt are things that could make one so jealous of their affair. Wilfried Zaha and Paige Bannister are never shy to flaunt their expensive getaways across the globe.

Wilfried Zaha and his love journey

Wilfried Zaha and his love journey
Wilfried Zaha’s current girlfriend Paige Bannister.

Wilfried Zaha is known to be a very dedicated player but that almost change when he was at Manchester United between 2013 and 2015.

During that period, the current coach of West Ham, David Moyes was the coach of the Red Devils. When the football star was trying to establish himself at the club, he found himself soaked in a relationship scandal.

Reports claimed that Zaha dated David Moyes’ daughter, Laurel and the gaffer could not stomach the news. Hence, the footballer’s career suffered at United until the Ivory Coast star had to leave the club to join Crystal Palace on February 2, 2015, for just €3.80 million.

Laurel, the daughter of West Ham United coach, David Moyes.
Laurel, the daughter of West Ham United coach, David Moyes.

When his former teammate at Manchester United, Patrice Evra raised the issue on television years after, Wilfried Zaha came out to insist that he never dated Moyes’ daughter. He went on to stress that he has never met with the lady in question.

Months after he joined Crystal Palace, the football star went to his home country and started a relationship with an Ivorian lady identified as Lavena Valentino. The relationship produced Zaha’s first son, Leo in 2016.

Before 2016 ended, he started a relationship with Paige Bannister which has continued to grow from strength to strength since then.

Wilfried Zaha who wants to leave Crystal Palace for a bigger challenge still has two seasons left on his contract with the Premier League club. He reportedly earns about £135,617-per-week at Crystal Palace.