Patrice Evra flaunts his newborn son, Lilas Latyr Evra

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Former Manchester United left-back, Patrice Evra has taken to social media to celebrate the birth of his third child Lilas Latyr Evra who he said was born on Monday, May 2, 2021.

In a post he shared on both Instagram and Twitter, Patrice Evra who is now a football coach and a pundit, flaunted the newborn son by placing the boy on his chest. The baby wore only a napkin while the ex-footballer was topless.

In the caption, the 39-year-old former French football star applauded the mother of the boy, Margaux Alexandra for giving birth to the baby. He described her as a powerful woman who gave birth to the boy despite her initial fear of undergoing the process.

He also went on to describe the Danish model as his rock, his universe, and his everything who he is very proud of.

The former footballer wrote: “Special moments skin to skin with our son Lilas Latyr Evra aka mister I love this game Jr born Monday.

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“3 ⚽️ of mai ♉️ 21 I can’t describe how lucky, blessed and proud I’m of you @margauxalexandra the strength you show during your labor was just exceptional, you were powerful not because you weren’t scared but because you went on so strongly despite your fear🔥🙏🏽 you’re my rock my universe my everything.”

Patrice Evra before the birth of Lilas Latyr Evra

Patrice Evra and his lover Margaux Alexandra.

Before the birth of Lilas Latyr Evra, the third child of Patrice Evra, the former footballer was married to Sandra. However, his marriage with Sandra crashed few years after he retired from professional football.

During his time together with Sandra, the former Manchester United, Juventus, and Marseille star has two children, a son, Lenny, and a daughter, Maona. The two estranged lovers went their separate ways in 2020.

Shortly after their break up, the retired football star began to flaunt Margaux Alexandra via social media. Months after, he shared a visual on Instagram showing that Alexandra was heavily pregnant.

Before the Danish model gave birth to Lilas Latyr Evra on May 3, it was gathered that Evra and Alexandra are engaged but they are not officially married.

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