Why Balotelli was Asked to Leave Training Ground


Mario Balotelli was asked to leave the training facility of Italian Serie A side Brescia because the club was not aware that he would resume training on Tuesday and there was no protocol in place for him.

The 29-year-old Italian footballer decided to attend training on Tuesday for the first time in over two weeks. But he was not allowed entry into the training facility because he didn’t follow the right protocol, a sign that his services at the club are no longer needed.

The out of favour Italian international has earlier told the club that the reason he had not attended training was that he was sick and the doctor advised him to stay away from training. He said he had a medical certificate to prove that he was truly sick.

The explanation did not go down well with the management of the club because he didn’t carry them along at the start of trying to find a medical solution to his illness. He only came public with the statement that he was sick when the club revealed how he has not been attending training and how they have been trying to terminate his contract.

Mario Balotelli being asked to leave Brescia's training facility on Tuesday
Mario Balotelli being asked to leave Brescia’s training facility on Tuesday

To probably put an end to the whole drama or to probably prove a point, Balotelli appeared at Brescia‘s training facility without due notification. When he was asked to leave for not informing the club ahead, he told them that he has sent an email to the club on Monday to inform them that his doctor has given him the go-ahead to resume training.

The club, however, insisted that they didn’t receive an email from him and they didn’t prepare for his training session. As he was leaving the training facility, he told the media personnel around that “now say that I don’t want to train.”

Mario Balotelli leaving the Brescia's training facility on Tuesday
Mario Balotelli leaving the Brescia’s training facility on Tuesday

Earlier in the month, the president of the club Massimo Cellino, revealed that Balotelli has not been carrying out his responsibility as a player of the club and called his recruitment to the club a “mistake”.

He also revealed how Balotelli refused to sign a consensual termination of the contract he signed in August 2019, when he joined the club. Hence, the club had to send a letter to his lawyer to inform him that the club is set to terminate the contract of former Manchester City and Liverpool‘s striker. Balotelli intends to challenge their decision to terminate his contract; hence, the contract tussle will be settled by an independent panel in the coming days.

Mario Balotelli leaving the Brescia's training facility on Tuesday
Mario Balotelli leaving the Brescia’s training facility on Tuesday

With the drama that has been going on between the Italian Serie A side and Balotelli, it is obvious that the 29-year-old former Inter Milan striker is no more needed at the relegation-threatened club which is located in Balotelli’s hometown. The President of the club said he decided to bring the player back to
Brescia, his childhood club, thinking that he would give his best to the club but it was not to be. Hence, the club wants him out before June 22 when they will play their first Serie A match since the coronavirus pandemic halted football in March.


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