“Shame on you!” Balotelli slams Lazio fans

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Mario Balotelli took to his social media to criticise Lazio fans . This comes after the match was halted due to offensive chanting in Brescia’s Serie A home defeat on Sunday.

A stadium announcement was also made during the match, which Lazio won 2-1, after Balotelli informed the referee of the chants from the away supporters.

Balotelli gave his side the lead after 18 minutes at the Stadio Mario Rigamonti but then spoke to the referee just after the half-hour mark to complain about chants from among the 1500 travelling Lazio fans.

The stadium announcement urged fans not to sing discriminatory songs and said play would be suspended if the songs continued, as Brescia fans responded with chants of “Mario, Mario” in support of their player.

After the game, Balotelli took to social media to condemn the incident. He said: “Is a loss that hurt but we will come back stronger and we are on the right way! “Lazio fans that were today at the stadium SHAME ON YOU! #saynotoracism”


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