Watford’s Troy Deeney Celebrates His Lover Alisha Hosannah


Troy Deeney, the captain of Premier League side Watford, has taken to Instagram to celebrate his lover, Alisha Hosannah, for celebrating him during his birthday.

Troy turned 32-year-old on 29 of June 2020. Based on the pictures he shared on Instagram a day after, the captain of the struggling Watford football club, put aside the battles on the field and had a nice time with his family.

In some of the pictures he shared, the Englishman showed a dining table filled with a variety of cakes and cupcakes which are apparently made available by his lover, Alisha Hosannah.

Also, in one of the pictures, the Watford‘s striker and his lady could be seen in a loved up mode, in an environment that looks like a bedroom. The football star was topless as Alisha posed behind him with her hand on his chest flashing a ring on her fourth finger which could mean that the Watford star has proposed marriage to her.

Troy Deeney and Alisha
Troy Deeney and Alisha

In the caption, the Watford striker wrote: “Want to take the time to say thank you to this lady @alishajane.h for going above and beyond, to make my birthday as enjoyable as possible in these strange times, I appreciate and love you so much ❤️ welcome the new member to the mob thank you all for the bday wishes also”.

On the day of Troy Deeney‘s birthday, Alisha Hosannah also took to Instagram to share a video mix of some of Deeney’s pictures and some family time pictures, to mark the day.

In the caption, the 28-year-old model described the Watford star as the bravest, the smartest and the most caring person she has ever met. She noted how lucky she feels to have met someone like the football star and reminded him how much she loves him.

“Happy Birthday my darling. The song playing in the background is just a snippet of an explanation to how I feel about you”, she wrote. “You are the bravest, smartest, most caring person I’ve ever met and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.

“Your passion for things and your determination to be better is something special and I couldn’t be prouder of what you’ve achieved. The world is your oyster baby always remember that.

“I know this isn’t how we planned to spend your day but I hope that in a time where it has to be a lockdown birthday you can still see how much I love you. Enjoy your day.”

Love life of Troy Deeney

Troy Deeney with his ex-wife Stacey
Troy Deeney with his ex-wife Stacey

Troy Deeney and Alisha Hosannah started their love affair in a very controversial state. When Deeney started dating Alisha in 2018, he was still married to Stacey, the mother of his first child Amelia.

The world got to know that the Watford star was a cheater when his ex-wife, who was 29-year-old then, took to social media in 2018 to ring the alarm that her then-husband was seeing a model, Alisha, who then had just 450 Instagram followers.

Before Deeney’s ex-wife told the world that the footballer was cheating on her, the speculation had already made the rounds as the football star continued to comment on Alisha’s Instagram post, calling her flawless and queen with love emoji. And then, Alisha broke the glass ceiling when she posted a picture of her posing beside the football star and captioned it “mine”.

Troy Deeney with his lover Alisha
Troy Deeney with his lover Alisha

Some Alisha’s 450 Instagram followers then continued to forward what was happening on Alisha’s Instagram page to Stacey until she couldn’t take it anymore and then took to Instagram and wrote:

“Thank you for everyone’s concerns but as @t_deeney has disrespectfully publicly made aware we are no longer together. To all the fake accounts out there that feel the need to give me the info on Troy’s cheating please can you now forward them onto @alishahosannah thanks.”

Since then, Troy Deeney and Alisha have been together with no sign of breaking up and no news that they have officially married yet. The model has given birth to a boy, Myles, for Deeney and she now has about 3,018 Instagram followers.


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