[Video] This is How Zlatan Ibrahimovic Allegedly Treats His Teammates While in LA Galaxy

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    images 2020 04 09T154819.386

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the most travelled professional footballers one can ever think of. He has played in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, England and the United States.

    In 21 years as a professional footballer, Zlatan has played for some of the best clubs in the best leagues in the world. He has played for Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus, Inter Milan, PSG and AC Milan before he crossed to the MLS to play for LA Galaxy.

    Wherever he goes, he scores plenty of goals. But he has never been said to be a bully of his fellow teammates despite his age, his success and his domineering stature.

    Yet, German defender Florian Jungwirth, who has been playing for MLS club San Jose Earthquakes since 2017 recounted how Zlatan hilariously bullied LA Galaxy players during a football match against San Jose.

    Jungwirth said via a Q&A on Twitter that the 38-year-old Swedish football legend insulted his then LA Galaxy teammates throughout the duration of the match making the players look like babies.

    The German said: “I think it was in 2018 when we played at Stanford against Zlatan first time – and he was like really insulting all his team-mates.

    “For 90 minutes – he was yelling at everyone. It was just funny.

    “Everyone was so scared of him and I was just laughing because everyone was like a little kid. They were like, ‘Daddy, can I get something from you?’.”

    King Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Ibrahimovic joined LA Galaxy on 23 March 2018 after terminating his contract with Manchester United. He scored 52 goals in 56 games for the American club.

    He returned to mainstream Europe by joining AC Milan on a free transfer on a six-month contract until the end of the season, with an option to extend his contract until the end of the 2020–21 season.

    Since he returned for a second spell in Milan, Ibrahimovic has scored four goals in 10 appearances across all competitions.

    He is currently enjoying the coronavirus break in his home country Sweden.

    He was last seen in public training with Swedish side Hammarby – a club he parts owns.

    The AC Milan striker, who was allowed to leave Italy due to the ongoing worldwide crisis, bought a 25 per cent stake in Hammarby in November 2019.


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