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Neymar Uses Football to Make a Mess of His Dogs [Video]

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Brazilian superstar Neymar has decided to show the world that he has been having a good time despite not having the opportunity of doing what he loves which is playing football.

Just like every other football star across the world, coronavirus pandemic which is ravaging the world has forced leagues to postpone football matches till further notice.

As players can no longer play in stadiums with live spectators so they can’t socialise as much as they would have wanted if they have the chance. They are all ordered to remain at home, observe social distancing and self-isolate just like every other person.

Neymar self-isolating with his dogs
Neymar self-isolating with his dogs

So, Neymar has been self-isolating in his mansions in Brazil that is well built like the architect of the structure had an event like the coronavirus pandemic in mind when he/she was drawing the plan for the house.

The Paris Saint-German player almost got himself in trouble for sharing pictures showing when he, some friends and his son were playing beach volleyball within the mansion.

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He was accused that he had breached the social distancing law which is being practised across the globe to contain the dreaded coronavirus pandemic. An accusation his spokesman came out and debunked.

Neymar in his element, took to his Instagram yet again to share a video showing when he was playing with his dogs.

In the video, three dogs could be seen on a football pitch within his house. Two of the dogs began to run after him while he kicks the ball to the far post and scored. He picked up the race with the dogs back to the post where the race started and he scored yet again.

Watch as Neymar made a mess of his dogs, hopefully, he won’t be questioned this time around.

Neymar has scored 69 goals in 80 appearances in all competitions since joining PSG from Barcelona for a world-record transfer fee of €222 million (£195m/$240m) in August 2017.

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The 28-year-old has won every domestic title available in France but injuries, and now the coronavirus pandemic, are the obstacles in his attempts to lead PSG to success in the Champions League.

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