Transfer Deals: Which big-money moves in football history were the worst?

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Transfer deals are awesome and an anticipated one for every club side seeking to strengthen their squads, but not all transfers becomes successful after.

Transfer Deals: Which big-money moves in football history were the worst?

Football clubs and their fans experience a new level of excitement during transfer windows in both major and lower leagues. But what happens if the players don’t deliver as much as anticipated? 

Injury, bad behavior, and a hostile environment at the new club are all factors in almost all of the worst transfers in football history.

Some of the worst football transfers in the history of the game are an illustration of a huge transfer failure associated with disciplinary difficulties.

For instance, given his prior performance at Aston Villa, Jack Grealish’s $129.6 million transfer from Aston Villa to Man City has been unimpressive so far. However, nothing concrete can be said to be a reason for that yet.

Today on FUTBALLNEWS, we’ll examine the worst high-dollar transfers that fell short of teams’ and fans’ expectations.

Philippe Coutinho £115 Million

It was difficult to choose between Coutinho and Griezmann, we must admit.

But in the end, Barcelona has merely lost over £100 million by selling the Brazilian to Aston Villa barely four years after buying him from Liverpool for a whopping £115 Million.

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Not to mention the two goals he scored against them in the Champions League quarterfinal while on loan at Bayern Munich; what a joke.

Antoine Griezmann £108 Million

In one of the largest failures ever recorded, Barcelona spent $131.8 million on the French striker. As a result, the club had to lower player compensation in order to make new acquisitions.

Transfer Deals: Which big-money moves in football history were the worst?

Barca’s president, Joan Laporta, later announced a $12 million loan deal with Atletico, claiming that he was “not the player we needed.” This seemed to be the culmination of a string of poor choices.

Romelu Lukaku £98 Million

The anticipation in west London was that Lukaku would finally fill the empty void in the attack when he returned to Stamford Bridge last summer for a club-record £97.5m.

After completing his loan transfer to Inter Milan, Romelu Lukaku became one of Chelsea’s most costly acquisition errors.

The Blues purchased Lukaku from Inter in September for a club-record £97.5 million. As he scored four goals in his first four games, it looked like a wonderful decision at the time.

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The Belgian striker failed to fit back into Thomas Tuchel’s plans after suffering a serious injury setback in November, reacted violently in a heated Sky Italia interview, and only managed to score five more league goals the rest of the season. This was the beginning of his demise at Chelsea.

Eden Hazard £92 Million

The Belgian scored just one goal during his debut campaign in Madrid, which did nothing to quell the Madrid supporters’ rage after he showed up to preseason seven kg overweight.

After Chelsea eliminated Los Blancos from the Champions League last season, Hazard was later seen laughing with former Chelsea colleagues. Hazard has subsequently spent the majority of his time on the sidelines due to recurring ailments.

Transfer Deals: Which big-money moves in football history were the worst?

He’s challenging Gareth Bale to be the club’s least popular person at this point.

Angel Di Maria £67.5 Million

One of the well-known United transfers that have failed recently. At Real Madrid, Di Maria was recognized as one of the world’s most imaginative players.

However, his tenure at United quickly put an end to that implication. The Argentine made an impression right away after making the transition, winning the team’s Player of the Month honors.

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After that, however, a hamstring injury and a break-in at his home were enough to shake the celebrity, and his performances dropped precipitously and continued until they reached their lowest point.

Fernando Torres £50 Million

One of the most contentious football transactions in recent memory was Torres’ move to Chelsea.

The Spaniard was Liverpool’s star player for the previous three seasons before being acquired by the Blues in a £50 million move.

Transfer Deals: Which big-money moves in football history were the worst?

Torres, who is still only 26 years old then, was meant to be entering his prime, but he couldn’t seem to recapture the form that had been destroying defenses at Anfield daily.

He astonishingly increased his goal frequency from one per 120 minutes at Liverpool to one every 360 minutes at Chelsea.

Despite the fact that he did score an important away goal against Barcelona in the Champions League semifinal, his time in London was otherwise dismal.

With 81 goals, including 65 in the Premier League, Torres was one of the most successful football legends to play for Liverpool.

Andy Carrol £36.9 Million

It’s fair to say that Carrol, who was brought in to take Torres’ place, didn’t fare any better.

In his brief time with Newcastle’s first squad, the huge striker made an impression, tallying 11 goals in 19 games. It was like attempting to fit a square peg in a round hole because his playing style was obviously incompatible with the way Liverpool played.

Before being cheaply sold to West Ham, he scored six goals in 44 games.

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