Tottenham Fans Reacts As Fabio Paratici Wins Appeal Against Worldwide Ban

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Tottenham fans have reacted as the club’s former football director Fabio Paratici wins his appeal against worldwide ban from football.

Paratici, 50, was caught up in Juventus financial irregularities scandal.

Italian Football Federation, FGIC, weighed heavily into the allegations leading to the resignation of several high-ranking Juventus officials, including former President of the club, Andre Agnelli.

Fabio Paratici was indicted by FGIC for allegedly playing a role in the said scandal before he joined Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur as director in 2021.

The embattled former Spurs official was hit with a ban from FGIC following the allegations.

Fabio Paratici

However, he was still able to function on his role as Tottenham Hotspur director because the ban by FGIC was only applicable to Italian football.

Paratici later fell into the net of FIFA ban which then affected his role at Spurs.

FGIC wrote FIFA calling for a worldwide ban for Fabio Paratici to limit his activities in football anywhere in the world, not only in Italy.

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FIFA upheld the call by FGIC and decided to implement a worldwide ban on Paratici. He was hit with a 30-month ban from the game worldwide.

In a move to redeem his image and continue in his role as Spurs’ director, Paratici appealed against the FIFA ban earlier this month but lost the appeal.

Fabio Paratici
Paratici resigned as Tottenham football director after being hit with a 30-month ban by FIFA

He was then forced to resign from his role as Spurs’ director. His resignation came in the aftermath of Antonio Conte’s exit from the club as manager.

Under his watch, Tottenham seems to have made little or no progress. They have crashed out of the Champions League and their top-four hopes seem to be dying.

Hence, Fabio Paratici was unpopular with Tottenham fans.

Nevertheless, Paratici has now succeeded in overturning his 30-month ban from FIFA.

According to the Sun, ‘Paratici’s lawyers have confirmed his ban has been scaled down and he will now be able to work as football official anywhere but on a reduced capacity.’

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Fabio Paratici
Fabio Paratici wins appeal against FIFA 30-month ban

This implies, Paratici can still function as Tottenham Hotspur director but will not be liable for worldwide FIFA roles and duties.

Tottenham fans react to Paratici’s overturned ban

It is still unclear whether Paratici will opt to return to his role at Tottenham Hotspur after the ban has now been scaled down.

However, it appears, Tottenham fans do not want him back at the club.

@sabshape wrote, “…No future at Tottenham. He wasn’t the right fit.

@Aeronelliot_ wrote, “…I don’t want him back in my opinion.”

@simonrysiek wrote, “He can’t return to Tottenham and work on limited duties.”

Fabio Paratici joined Tottenham from Juventus in 2021 and seems to have made no difference in the club’s lingering misfortunes for over a decade.

Fabio Paratici
Fabio Paratici and former Tottenham boss Antonio Conte

He worked closely with Antonio Conte, overseeing all Tottenham’s signings last summer which has added little to the club’s Premier League fortunes this season.

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