FIFA Extends Ban Of Tottenham’s Managing Director Fabio Paratici Worldwide [Details]


Tottenham Sporting Director Fabio Paratici has been dealt a big blow after FIFA Extends his ban worldwide.

Fabio Paratici
FIFA extends Tottenham’s managing director Fabio Paratici 30-month ban worldwide

Fabio Paratici came under the wires after he faced charges of twisting and falsifying Juventus accounting records when he was at the club.

Italian football authorities clamp down on Juventus for alleged falsification of the club’s account and other financial irregularities.

Juventus were deducted 10 points after they were found guilty of the alleged financial irregularities.

Fabio Paratici was hit with a 30-month ban after he was found to have aided the aberration while he was in Turin.

Fabio Paratici served as sporting and managing director at Juventus overseeing the affairs of the club before he joined Tottenham in 2021.

Fabio Paratici
Fabio Paratici is expected to step down from his role as Tottenham director after the extension of the ban by FIFA

He was indicted in an investigation that traced the financial dealings of Juventus for a number of years by the Italian authorities.

His ban was only applicable to Italian football which means Fabio Palatici could serve in administrative capacities in clubs outside the country.

He joined Tottenham in the Premier League in 2021 because he was not tied down by the ban by Italian football authorities.

Now, FIFA has endorsed the ban. This implies Fabio Paratici will not serve in any capacity in football in any nation affiliated with FIFA.

His ban has now been extended worldwide and he may have to step down from his role at Tottenham until the expiration of the ban.

As things stand, Tottenham will be hit with a double blow. Fabio Paratici’s extended ban is coming after Antonio Conte left the club on mutual consent.

Tottenham parted ways with Antonio Conte after his acrimonious press conference rant after Tottenham’s 3-3 draw with Southampton in the Premier League before the international break.

After the departure of Antonio Conte, Fabio Paratici confirmed the club will find an immediate replacement for the vacant job at the London club.

However, there are reports Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy was not on good terms with Fabio Paratici after his 30-month ban from Italian authorities.

Fabio Paratici
Paratici has maintained he is innocent

Daniel Levy omitted Fabio Paratici’s name from the club’s statement confirming the departure of Antonio Conte, sparking speculations the club was also ready to part ways with the former Juventus boss.

The prosecution of Juventus by Italian football authorities led to mass resignation of officials of the club. Andrea Agnelli and Pavel Nedved tendered their resignation and maintained they are innocent.

FIFA reportedly extended Fabio Paratici’s ban after Italian authorities wrote the body asking for Fabio Paratici to be banned worldwide.

Paratici has maintained he is innocent and has denied any wrongdoing but he will be serving the ban while he attempts to appeal the decision.


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