Top ten Awkward Moments in 2022/23 Football Season


As the 2022/23 football season comes to an end, let us take you through 10 awkward moments in 2022/23 football season with other shocking episodes.

Below are the wackiest moments in the 2022-2023 football season across the world.

  1. Emiliano Martinez’s controversial World Cup celebration

Leading the list of the 10 awkward moments in the 2022/23 football season is Emiliano Martinez’s 2022 World Cup stunt.

Emiliano Martinez got the world talking after he went for a controversial celebration with his golden glove award in the 2022 World Cup.

The Argentina international plucked the award on his crocks in the gallery of a well-packed Lusail Stadium with Qatar dignitaries. He also sparked reactions after he used a baby doll with the face of Kylian Mbappe during his celebration.

His club manager at Aston Villa, Unai Emery, said he will have to talk to him following the incident.

  1. Antonio Conte clashed with Thomas Tuchel

Our second in the 10 most awkward moments in the 2022/23 football season is the dugout clash between Antonio Conte and Thomas Tuchel. How time flies! It was a dramatic scene at the touchlines in Chelsea 2-2 draw with Tottenham at Stamford Bridge early in the season.

At the blast of the final whistle, a friendly end-of-match handshake between Conte and Thomas Tuchel turned into a bitter dugout clash with both managers squaring up against each other.

The duo had to be separated by their staff and players who rushed to the scene.

  1. Everton board evaded the stands fearing irate fans

Everton who have now survived relegation were struggling under Frank Lampard.

Their relegation worries were deepened when they lost at home to Southampton. Irate fans confronted some of the players after the Southampton loss and no member of the Everton board were present for fear of being picketed by angry fans.

  1. Chelsea Vs Liverpool Women Super League called off

Also making the list of the 10 awkward moments in the 2022/23 football season is the Women Super League clash between Chelsea Women and Liverpool Women.

Just six minutes into the game, the match had to be called off due to an extremely frozen pitch which was deemed embarrassing.

  1. Antonio Conte asked to be sacked

Antonio Conte dramatic Tottenham exit cannot miss out of the 10 awkward moments in the 2022/23 football season.

After Tottenham’s dramatic draw against Southampton, Conte crossed the bounds and vent his spleen on the players in a bitter post-match press conference rant.

The Italian traveled back to his homeland after the rant and refused to come back before Tottenham Hotspur announced they have reach a mutual agreement to end his contract

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo bombshell interview

Also on our 10 awkward moments in the 2022/23 football season is Cristiano Ronaldo’s explosive interview with Piers Morgan about the rot at Old Trafford.

The Manchester United legend timed his interview during the short World Cup break in the league and opened up on how the Glazers have mishandled the world’s biggest club.

After the interview, he joined Portugal in the 2022 World Cup. Unfortunately, that was the end of his Manchester United journey. His contract was terminated by the club.

  1. Diego Maradona lives on in 2022 and 2023

Also on our 10 shocking moments in the 2022/23 football season is Diego Maradona’s relived legacy.

In 1986, Diego Maradona won the World Cup with Argentina national team. Fast forward to 2022, Argentina won the tournament in Qatar.

In 1987 ( a year after winning the World Cup with Argentina), Maradona won the Serie A with Napoli. Fast forward to 2023, Napoli won their first Serie A trophy in 33 years. His national team and club relive Maradona’s legacy in style.

  1. Linesman elbowed Liverpool star Andy Robertson

A footage of Constantine Hatzidakis, a linesman in Liverpool Vs Arsenal clash, elbowing Andy Robertson has made it to our 10 wackiest moments in the 2022/23 football season.

Liverpool ran out with a dramatic 2-2 draw against the league leaders but Andy Robertson claimed Constantine Hatzidakis had elbowed him during the game sparking reactions.

  1. Shakira and Gerard Pique faceoff took a new dimension

Shakira got personal with her beef with ex-lover and Barcelona legend Gerard Pique. She released a song with lines which reads; “You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio”

Gerard Pique responded to the song with action. He drove a Renault Twingo, wearing a Casio watch to a media conference.

  1. An awkward reunion for Aubameyang at Arsenal

Aubameyang’s faceoff with Arsenal is also on our list of the 10 awkward moments in the 2022/23 football season.

After leaving the Gunners to Barcelona following a run-in with Mikel Arteta, Aubameyang was back to the Premier League but this time with the Blue side of London not on the Red side.

Ahead of Chelsea’s trip to Emirates this season, Aubameyang dropped a cheeky social media post which reads, “I’m back. I’m Blue. Nothing personal.” Chelsea lost the game 1-0 to Arsenal with Aubameyang turning out a flop in front for Chelsea and for the rest of the season.


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