Timo Werner Explains his guilt at Chelsea


Timo Werner says he feels guilty for not scoring enough goals under the former coach of the club, Frank Lampard. He stressed that if he had scored more goals during Lampard’s era, the coach wouldn’t have been sacked.

Timo Werner joined Chelsea from RB Leipzig last summer for a whopping £47.5million. There was a huge expectation attached to his arrival at Chelsea due to his form at RB Leipzig.

Before he joined Chelsea, the 24-year-old Germany tactician scored a whopping 95 goals in 159 appearances. But when he got to Chelsea, he found it almost impossible to settle down well at the club under Lampard. Hence he managed to score just a goal in 19 games.

His lack of form coincided with that of Chelsea who recorded a streak of defeats that forced them down to the 9th spot which resulted in the sacking of Lampard in January 2021.

Afterward, the former coach of Paris Saint Germain, Thomas Tuchel was appointed to take over from the English tactician. Since the arrival of the coach, Timo Werner has been enjoying an improved form. He has scored a goal and provided three assists in his last 5 games.

Timo Werner Explains his guilt at Chelsea
Timo Werner.

Timo Werner told Sky Sports that there was nothing different between Tuchel and Frank Lampard but what makes it flow better under Tuchel is because the German tactician speaks to him in German.

“When you come here to play as a striker and be the man to score the goals, of course, I felt a little bit guilty that I missed so many chances. For the club, for the old manager but also for me because I want to score all the time and as much as I possibly can.

“Of course, if I’d scored four or five more goals maybe the old manager would still be here because we’d maybe have won two or three games more but you can’t look too much into the past because there are too many games ahead of us.

“The past was like this and of course I feel a little bit guilty, but in football, you have to go on, and now we have a lot of big games in the next few weeks and you have to look forward, especially when you have a new manager. It’s a new beginning for everybody, for me as well because I’d missed so many chances and so many points, maybe I start now with a new start, and it’s worked very well until now.

“I understood the old manager very well. It was not because of the language, but when you can talk German to someone, there are things he can explain to me easier than the old manager could. It’s different when you talk to someone in your own language because one word is enough to make a sentence completely different.

“For me, that was the thing he changed. He knows me and his assistants know me from the Bundesliga. He gave me trust back and confidence back to be the Timo from the Bundesliga, to be back at the top and scoring goals.”

Timo Werner is expected to lead Chelsea’s attack against Manchester United later today, February 28, at 17:30. Chelsea need to win the game to move to the 4th spot on the league table.

Chelsea are currently sitting in the 5th spot on the league table with 43 points in 25 games. While Manchester United are currently sitting on the second spot on the league table with 49 points in 25 games. United need to win Chelsea to remain on the second spot.


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