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Marcus Rashford of Manchester United believes it is easy to end online abuse

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Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford has stressed that it should not be difficult for social media owners to end online abuse on their platforms.

In recent times, the rate at which high profile footballers are attacked on social media is skyrocketing. Despite how much Marcus Rashford is adored by some football fans around the world, the 23-year-old English forward has been a victim of online abuse a couple of times.

He and some of his teammates at Manchester United including Axel Tuanzebe and Anthony Martial were recently dragged on the internet and racially abused over their performance in United’s squad.

Due to the rising cases of online abuse in the Premier League and against players in other major leagues across the world, some concerned groups have written to the owners of Facebook and Twitter to come up with a way to end online abuse on their platforms.

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In an interview with Sky Sports, Marcus Rashford suggested a means through which the cases of online abuse can be put to an end. He said the owners of the platforms can make social media a good place by deactivating any account that is involved in any form of online abuse.

“Online abuse – it should be easy to stop, just deactivate the accounts,” Marcus Rashford said. “We know that it’s very easy to make four or five accounts but if you have to block them all, then block them all.

“That’s on the social media companies themselves. If they see anyone being abusive in any way, their account should be deleted immediately, that’s how you’d deal with it.

“I feel like it doesn’t affect me as much as other people because I’m not actively on social media so half the stuff that goes on there, what people are saying about me and other people, I’m not really on top of and I don’t see it.

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“But it’s a place people should enjoy. Ten or 15 years ago it wasn’t there and we’re lucky to have it, to be able to connect with people all over the world and from different cultures and religions. For it to be used in a negative light is stupid and hopefully, they can sort out that issue and it can be a place of good.”

Marcus Rashford has scored 8 goals and provided 8 assists in 23 Premier League games. He has played 36 games, scored 16 goals, and provided 11 assists in all competitions so far this season.

On the racial abuse Manchester United’s Axel Tuanzebe faced recently, Marcus Rashford said he has had a conversation with the Manchester United’s star about the racial abuse and Axel has revealed to him that he is coping well.

Axel Tuanzebe and Marcus Rashford.
From left: Axel Tuanzebe and Marcus Rashford.

“I spoke to Axel when it happened to him and the way that you deal with it and the way that you move on, that’s how you have to show strength and that you’re mentally capable to deal with those things even though you shouldn’t have to,” Rashford said.

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“Axel is a tough lad. It’s not nice to hear those things but he’s bounced back. He’s always happy and smiling and works hard.”

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