Shakira and Piqué Reportedly Had A Secret Open Relationship Amid Cheating Scandal


Shakira and her ex lover Gerard Pique were reportedly in an “open relationship” before she accused him of cheating on her.

Shakira and Piqué Reportedly Had A Secret Open Relationship Amid Accusation

Recall we reported in 2022 that the superstar couple split up following rumors of the Barcelona ace’s alleged infidelity, which reportedly left him shocked.

Shakira announced her separation from former Barcelona defender Pique a year ago amid rumors he had been caught cheating.

The retired Spanish defender then revealed he was dating 24-year-old Clara Chia Marti not long after the high-profile separation, fueling speculation of an affair.

However, Pique has claimed that he is surprised by Shakira’s public announcement of their split and that there was “no infidelity on his part”.

José Antonio Avilés, a Spanish TV journalist, reported that the ex lovers had been in an “open relationship” for three years before their breakup.

This recent development is coming from sources inside the former footballer’s close-circle and friends.

The journalist also went on to add that the supposedly non-exclusive pact was “the key moment in their relationship”.

Avilés, while speaking to El Nacional de Catalunya, said: “There is an agreement where ‘you do what you want and I do what I want’. But in the face of the media we are still a couple’.”

Avilés also added that: “The footballer’s entourage was surprised by Shakira’s statement, he has been annoyed to find out from the press”.

Pilar Vidal, another journalist confirmed the claims, stating: “Pique does not want speculation that the reason for the breakup was infidelity.”

Shakira and Piqué Reportedly Had A Secret Open Relationship Amid Accusation

“He was surprised by the statement because the one who takes the initiative is her.”

Shakira on the other hand tells a different story, and she recently revealed that she felt heartbroken after learning of Pique’s alleged “betrayal” while her dad was fighting for his life in an hospital.

The singer recalled how she was devastated following the double blow as she couldn’t turn to her beloved father William Mebarak “for the advice she needed so much.”

Shakira also spoke to People en Español, telling the outlet that she was first told about her ex’s alleged infidelity shortly after William was “gravely injured.”

“Everything happened at once. My home was falling apart,” the singer said.

“I was finding out through the press that I had been betrayed while my dad was in the ICU.”

The Colombian superstar reportedly found out Pique was cheating after seeing an empty jam jar in their fridge – something she and her children do not eat.

What Shakira saw is said to have brought her to the conclusion that Pique had evidently had a secret guest over without her knowledge.

Other reports suggests that she had hired a team of private detectives to monitor the footie ace in the hopes of confirming her suspicions.

Recall we reported that this made the singer unleashed her pent-up emotions towards Pique in a smash hit song referencing the cheating rumors.

She made a diss track “Sessions” and it was laden with brutal barbs towards her former partner of 12 years and his new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti.

Shakira and Piqué Reportedly Had A Secret Open Relationship Amid Accusation

Shakira also compared Pique’s new love life to swapping “a Ferrari for a [Renault] Twingo” and joked that she was really “too big” for him.

The singer in her latest interview revealed that she was “very excited” to wow the world again with her new music.

Shakira confirmed that penning songs has helped her “untangle” the web of emotions she has been overcome with since last year.


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