Shakira Reveals She Once Forced A Plane To Land Just To Kiss Gerard Pique

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Shakira opens up on the sacrifices she made for her ex-lover, Gerard Pique, as she is being investigated in Spain for alleged tax fraud.

Shakira Reveals She Once Forced A Plane To Land Just To Kiss Gerard Pique

The 46-year-old Colombian pop star ended her 11-year relationship with Pique in June 2022 after he allegedly cheated on her with Clara Chai Marti.

Shakira is currently observing the media trial regarding an alleged tax fraud of 14.5 million euros.

A statement from 2019 was recently released before the judge with surprising revelations shared by the Colombian singer.

One of the statements from the release was the earlier part of her relationship with former footballer Gerard Pique in 2011.

Due to their busy and tight schedule at that period, the-then couple faced challenges regarding spending time together.

Shakira described Pique as a footballer with a handsome appearance and a reputation for being a Playboy figure, according to El Pais.

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The Colombian superstar also confirmed that initially, she had no guarantee about the success of the relationship.

She said: “I never imagined that I would live in this country because of that boy with a beard who looked incredible.”

She did take on the challenge regardless and ended up doing crazy things she couldn’t have imagined in their relationship.

Shakira also revealed a time when she asked the pilot of a plane if she could briefly land just to give Gerard a kiss during a flight over Barcelona.

Shakira Reveals She Once Forced A Plane To Land Just To Kiss Gerard Pique

She followed that up with a joke saying if the brief landing would be counted as spending a day on Spanish soil.

The pop star said: “I remember flying from Marrakech to Croatia. We were flying over Barcelona and I asked the pilot of the plane if he could land briefly just to give Gerard a kiss.”

“It’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever done in my life. I don’t know if the Tax Agency will have computed it as one day in Spain”.

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The Colombian Popstar also talked about her motherhood experience in 2013 which was a very hectic one for her.

The couple had a newborn then and Shakira mentioned how she always carries the newborn on her back everywhere she went.

When asked if it was an indication of her residence in Spain, she sarcastically referred to it as a “retrograde vision.”

These glimpses into Shakira’s personal life offer insights into her experiences with Gerard Pique, highlighting the ups and downs they faced.

Gerard Pique has been in a relationship with Clara Chia Martin for a while after parting ways with the singer.

Shakira, meanwhile, started a new chapter in her life as she moved to Miami, United States along with their kids Milan and Sasha.

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Why Did Pique And Shakira breakup?

Roberto Garcia, an ex-boyfriend of one of Shakira’s sisters, claimed during an interview with the Spanish news outlet EsDiario that while Shakira and Gerard’s relationship may have seemed flawless to the public, there were issues present months before their breakup.

He also revealed that money was the real motivation. He went as far as saying that the Colombian singer was not only asked for a sizable investment in one of his businesses but was also caught cheating by Pique.

Shakira Reveals She Once Forced A Plane To Land Just To Kiss Gerard Pique

The Waka Waka crooner, however, denied it, which in some way strained their friendship.

Although they never wed, the Shakira-Piqué breakup in June 2022 came as a surprise to the fans.

They had been together for 12 years and had two lovely daughters, Sasha, 7, and Milan, 9.

In her 2017 smash hit song “Me Enamoré,” which translates to “I fell in love,” Shakira wrote about her incredible romance with the soccer sensation.

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