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Robin Van Persie Remembers His Marriage 16 Years After

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Robin Van Persie is one of the finest strikers that had ever played for the English Premier League and indeed in the world of football. As he brought happiness to soccer fans across the world during his playing days, so he doesn’t fail in doing the same to his family.

The 36-year-old ex-Netherlands captain is one of the few celebrities who has never be linked with any controversial affairs or extramarital issues despite being known with only one woman since 2004.

Though there is no record on the web showing that he married his wife, Bouchre, on March 31st, yet every March 31st, he ensures he takes to the social media to mark their wedding anniversary.

Based on available records, Bouchre and Van Persie started dating in 2004. Their relationship has no record of a crack for over 16 years despite being a couple from two different cultures – Van Persie is from the Netherlands in Europe while Bouchre is from Morocco in Africa.

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Besides that, Bouchre who is not known for any particular profession rather than Van Persie’s wife was raised in an Islamic family while Van Persie was raised in a liberal family.

Yet, once it is 31st of March, the player who is now a coach at Feyenoord Rotterdam in the Netherlands, would remind the world how in love he has been with his wife via the social media.

This year was not in any means different for the football legend. The outbreak of the coronavirus couldn’t stop him from marking the special day he got hooked up with his partner.

In this year’s edition, the football star couldn’t share a picture showing his wife and himself like he used to do, he just shared the picture of his beautiful wife to mark their 16 years of being together.

In the caption, Van Persie described his wife as his best friend, mother of his amazing kids and his “wifey”. “Always have each others’ backs”.

16 years old family of Van Persie

Van Persie

In their 16 years of being together, they have been blessed with two children, a boy and a girl, Shaqueel born in 2006 and daughter Dina born in 2009.

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Before his retirement from active football, Van Persie has played for Feyenoord Rotterdam, Premier League sides Arsenal Football Club, Manchester United and Turkish club Fenerbache.

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