No team will like to face Liverpool in Champions League last 16 – Robertson

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Liverpool manager, Klopp mocks anyone that faces them next in the Champions League

Liverpool defender, Andy Robertson says ”No team will want to face Liverpool in the next fixture of the Champions League”. Liverpool has been able to create a huge reputation in Europe currently.

The Reds actions will likely make no one aim at facing the winners in Champions League knockouts. Really, no team will want to fall so early in the competition.

The Group E leaders are on the path to defend their crown after winning Salzburg 2-0 on Tuesday. With having 13 points at the top of Group E, they now secure a place in the Monday draw in Nyon.

Meanwhile, Liverpool beat domestic rivals Tottenham 2-0 in the finale of last season to win the competition. Just the second year after losing to Real Madrid in a fatal final show.

However, Jurgen Klopp’s side can face one of Real Madrid, Atalanta, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund or Lyon in the next round. 

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Liverpool captain, Robertson also have the same view that no one will want to face the Reds. The Scottish believes every team would rather avoid a trip to Anfield. The defending champions strive to reach the final for the third straight year.

”We did not get the respect we deserved. Now, we know we are respected in Europe. No one will want us but everyone who gets into the last 16 will fancy themselves”, says Robertson.

Besides, Liverpool is presently at the top of the Premier League table with eight points clear. And have knocked the likes of Bayern, Manchester City, and Barcelona out of the Champions League in the past two seasons. Also, they were only one point behind the Premiership winner Man City in the last term.

”Teams will wish they don’t play against us” Jose Mourinho gets back at this statement!

Meanwhile, a recent report shows a funny reaction from Tottenham boss, Jose Mourinho indicating mockery. Mourinho is always controversial with his comments and actions. 

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He gets back at the recent statement from the Reds Captain holding his ears in pretense. ”Teams will wish they don’t play against us”, Robertson’s statement. Well, it could be that Mourinho is not afraid of facing the Klopp in the competition. 

The Reds beat Tottenham out of the competition last season in the finale. And has whipped them in the Premiership also. But the Portuguese have not faced the champions since taking charge and might have a hidden strategy.

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