Riyad Mahrez’s sisters Dounya and Ines Mahrez Beaten in their Shop

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Manchester City forward Riyad Mahrez’s two sisters, Dounya and Ines Mahrez, were victims of a gang attack recently. An unidentified gang invaded their beauty shop in Paris, beat them up, and destroyed their products.

Dounya and Ines Mahrez were not the only victims of the attack, the employees the gang met at the beauty shop were not spared, they were reportedly punched and kicked during the invasion.

According to a statement from Dounya, the gang consisted of 12 people. They invaded the beauty shop after a female client refused to pay for the services she received from the beauty shop.

Dounya alleged that the gang might have decided to attack their shop because of the fact that she and her sister are siblings of Riyad Mahrez, a Manchester City and Algerian football star.

Dounya and Ines Mahrez in their beauty shop.
Dounya and Ines Mahrez in their beauty shop.

While narrating her ordeal, Dounya said a member of the gang held her by the throat while they beat her and her sister. She said they were both left with different degrees of injuries apart from the number of products that were damaged in the attack. And all these started with a misunderstanding between them and a client who didn’t want to pay her service fee.

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“Within a few seconds, three cars arrived in front of the salon and these guys got out and came into the shop and started attacking us”, Riyad Mahrez’s sister, Dounya wrote.

“They were shouting and insulting everybody. They threw things on the floor and acted without pity. One tried to strangle me while another kicked my little sister’s leg.”

Dounya Mahrez
Dounya Mahrez

Unfortunately for Dounya and Ines Mahrez, Riyad Mahrez has not been able to fly to Paris to see them since the attack because the football star is still trying to recover from COVID-19 which he tested for less than a week ago.

Just like Riyad Mahrez, Dounya and Ines were born and raised in France so the country is their second home after Algeria.

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As for Mahrez, he has left France since 2014 when he joined Leicester City. Though he is a practicing Muslim, he got married to an English lady Rita Johal in 2015. They are both blessed with two daughters.

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Just like Dounya and Ines Mahrez, the Manchester City star has suffered his fresh share of attack from bandits. In May 2020, his penthouse apartment in Manchester was robbed and he lost thousands of pounds worth of valuables.

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