REVEALED! Dani Alves Leads Secret Business in Brian’s 2 Prison [Details]


It has been revealed that a secret business has sprung up in Brians 2 Prison in Barcelona where Dani Alves is remanded.

Dani Alves
Dani Alves linked to a secret business in Brian’s 2 Prison

Dani Alves is reportedly at the “center” of the business and the dark trade has been running with the support of the Barcelona legend.

The LaLiga legend hit a death knell and met his nemesis in his once glittering football career.

Regarded as one of the best right backs in football with lots of experience, the 39-year-old witnessed a sharp and drastic decline in his career when a woman accused him of rape.

It was alleged the former PSG star had forcefully had carnal knowledge of the woman in a nightclub in Barcelona.

Dani Alves was arrested by Spanish authorities on January 20

The woman said she notify the bouncers and her friends after the incident who contacted the police.

On January 20, Dani Alves was whisked away by Spanish authorities marking the decline of both his professional and family life.

His club, Pumas have had Alves for compensation of nearly €5m for the damage done to the contract the two parties brokered. They have also terminated his contract.

Recently, his wife Joana Sanz went public and issued an official statement on her social media accounts, declaring the end of her relationship and marriage of 18 years with Alves.

Dani Alves
Dani Alves prison cell Module 13 Brian’s 2 Prison

Dani Alves responded with an emotion-laddened plea, decrying his dejection after Sanz’s divorce and his hope to sail through his current ordeal unscathed.

With the legal tussle dragging on, he had maintained he is innocent.

The Brazil international previously said he did not know the alleged victim before reversing his statement, saying he knew her but had engaged in consensual sex with her in the nightclub, not rape.

The right-back has been remanded in custody and denied bail after his arrest in January.

Dani Alves secret business in Brians 2 Prison

Now, as per MARCA, while Dani Alves’ lawyers have been earnestly working to have Alves released on bail before trial, a secret business has sprung up in Brians 2 prison with Dani Alves said to be the figurehead of the business.

The report says Alves’ fellow inmates in Brian’s 2 prison have engineered a strange trade backing it up with the support of Dani Alves.

Dani Alves
Barcelona shirts trafficked to Brian 2 Prison has increased since Dani Alves was remanded in the facility two months ago

The business is reportedly centered on the trafficking of Barcelona shirts signed by Alves himself.

Barcelona shirts trafficked into Brians 2 prison is said to have increased sporadically since Alves was remanded in the facility two months ago.

The business is said to have boomed with one of the inmates charged with the role of moving around and collecting the Barcelona shirts for Alves to sign.

Some of the shirts are said to be sent by families coming for their relatives in Brian’s 2 Prison while others are delivered to the prison through couriers.

The shirt collector, who is also an inmate, is said to charge some commission to deliver the shirts for the Barcelona legend to sign before returning them.

It is still yet unclear whether Dani Alves benefits from the proceeds of the deal, but it has been confirmed the business thrives because he is willing to tender his signatory to as many shirts as brought to him in Module 13 where he is held.

Meanwhile, Alves is awaiting his trial while his lawyers are trying to secure bail for him because, according to reports, the date for his trial could take over a year to be determined.


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