Brandon Williams Of Manchester United Caught Inhaling Dreaded ‘Hippy Crack’


Brandon Williams of Manchester United was caught inhaling what appears to be the dreaded “Hippy Crack” from a balloon in a Mercedes car.

Brandon Williams Of Manchester United Caught Inhaling Dreaded 'Hippy Crack'

The 22-year-old who earns £60,000-a-week playing as a full back, was seen in the passengers seat of Brabus supercar.

As seen, he was passing a canister of a legal high to his friend whilst holding the balloon in his mouth.

A witness confirmed what played out, he said: “It was so obvious to anyone driving by what he was doing.”

“Anyone who follows United or football seriously would have recognised him instantly. It’s irresponsible considering he’s a public figure.”

“He’s meant to be a role model for youngsters and upcoming footballers.”

“Taking that rubbish, especially so casually, could be hindering his ability on the pitch.”

“There is no doubt his manager will not be impressed by it.”

“He expects his players to be completely devoted to their career, especially when they are attempting to break into the side.”

Hippy Crack, also known as Nitrous oxide is an anaesthetic gas and it is popular among young Britain who inhale it for a light-headed, short-lived euphoric high.

Prolonged use of the said drug comes with the risk of heart attacks and brain damage as well as loss of memory and vitamin deficiency.

It is quite a criminal offence to even supply nitrous oxide to get high and to possess it.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman earlier this week had pledged new measures to crack down and reduce usage of the “unacceptable” gas.

Brandon Williams Of Manchester United Caught Inhaling Dreaded 'Hippy Crack'

She confirmed that: “I am clear that the use and proliferation of nitrous oxide is unacceptable and we will be announcing new measures soon.”

The Manchester-born star has only featured in five minutes of playing time all season under Erik Ten hag.

After failing to break into United’s first team filled with lots of talent, the youngster has been linked with a move to Middlesbrough in recent weeks.

Brandon Williams

Brandon Paul Brian Williams was born on 3rd September 200. He is an English professional footballer who plays as a full-back for Premier League club Manchester United.

Although his natural position is playing as a left-back, he can also be used as a right-back.

A graduate of the Manchester United youth academy, Williams made his first-team debut in September 2019. He has also represented England at under-20 and under-21 levels.

Williams was raised in Manchester – he grew up in the Harpurhey area where he attended a nearby secondary school Co-op Academy Manchester.

What is Hippy Crack And it’s Effect?

Hippy Crack is an informal name for Nitrous Oxide or what is known officially as “laughing gas.” The gas is one of the most recent drugs to be ruled illegal under the Psychoactive Substances Act.

Nitrous Oxide is a gas that can be inhaled in different ways. The most common way is through a balloon that has been filled with a small canister of gas.

The 2017 ending saw hundreds of people arrested and 50 dealers prosecuted, some of who were even sent to jail.

Hippy Crack was originally synthesized in 1772. It had been used for centuries as a painkiller by dentists and doctors, sometimes used during childbirth and dentist procedures.

However, more recently, party and festival-goers have become more interested in its euphoric effects as it induces ‘highness.’

Brandon Williams Of Manchester United Caught Inhaling Dreaded 'Hippy Crack'

Nitrous Oxide pressurized metal canisters, from which gas is pumped into balloons before being inhaled, litter festival sites, town and city center pavements all over the UK.

Negative Side Effects of Hippy Crack

The following are some of the reasons why Nitrous Oxide has been banned and is illegal:

  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty in thinking clearly due to lack of oxygen
  • Hallucinations
  • Extreme headaches
  • Serious nerve damage.
  • Sound distortions
  • Lack of vitamin B12.

You will find a person breathing hard when using this drug, and the body’s responses of inhaling nitrous oxide or happy gas are at times unpredictable.


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