Barcelona legend Dani Alves Sends Emotional Handwritten Note to Wife From Prison After Divorce

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Dani Alves has conveyed his disappointment with Ex-wife, Joana Sanz, through a handwritten note from prison.

Dani Alves
Dani Alves sends emotional letter to wife from Brians 2 Prison after divorce

The former PSG and Juventus right-back was arrested by Spanish authorities after a woman accused him of raping her in a nightclub in Barcelona.

Since his arrest, Dani Alves’ relationship with his wife, Joanna Sanz, 29, has not remained the same.

There were rumors the Brazilian beauty was planning to divorce Brazil international after the rape allegations surfaced.

Amid lingering rumors over the soiled and tainted relationship between the couple, Joana Sanz paid a visit to Brian 2 prison in Barcelona where Dani Alves is currently withheld.

Joana Sanz visited Dani Alves in Brian’s 2 prison and said she not leave him is his worst moment

After the prison visit, Joana Sanz said she would not leave Dani Alves at his worst moments.

Despite her prison visit, Joana Sanz announced her break up with Dani Alves on her Instagram page last week to the dismay of all.

Dani Alves was reportedly left broken by the news of the breakup. He reportedly went on a hunger strike, refusing to eat and be consoled after he learned of the divorce.

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Sources close to the Brazil international said he broke down and was devastated by the shocking news.

Now, a handwritten note disclosed by the Spanish TV show Y ahora Sonsoles has shown the depth of the pains and dejection of the football star.

Making an emotional reference to the onset and start of the relationship, Dani Alves conveyed his thoughts and emotions directly addressing his estranged wife.

With poet-like verses colored with emotions of dejection, disappointment, and hope, Alves made reference to moments they shared together, the kids they raised together, and the shock of losing her.

He concluded his message with hope and determination to fight through and come out of the trying times unscathed with the love of his parents and kids.

Dani Alves’ Full Letter to Joana

“We have grown together since the day we met, from the first minute we started a life together.

“We accompanied each other all those years. Strengthening and nurturing each other’s lives.

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“Now, in these difficult moments, I regret your decision and I long for life to give us another chance for me to love you again.

“I understand the pain that the unjust situation we are living is causing and I understand that you have not been able to withstand all the pressure.

“The facts of which I am accused are foreign to me, and to the values that have guided my life: love, respect, and effort.

“I will continue to fight as I have always done with the support of those who are by my side to show my innocence to the whole world.

“I will fight to the end with the unconditional love of my children, my parents, and those who continue to be by my side, to soon prove my innocence to the whole”.

Dani Alves could face imprisonment if he is convicted by the court of the rape charge.

The alleged victim claimed he forcefully assaulted and rape her while at a Barcelona nightclub in the bathroom.

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Dani Alves
Joana Sanz and Dani Alves

After the incident, she reportedly called the attention of the bouncers of the club who allegedly contacted the police immediately.

Dani Alves was whisked away by the Spanish authorities on January 20 and languished in Brian’s 2 prisons as the investigation into the incident progresses.

He has previously told the police he does not know the woman before admitting he had sex with her but had gotten her consent.

Apart from his marriage that has broken down, Dani Alves has suffered bruises in his football career following his arrest. His club Puma terminated his contract and are demanding £4million in damages to the deal he brokered with the club.

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