Premier League Top 10 Worst Misses Ever


Premier League since its inception has seen a lot of attacking talents who have scored incredible goals in the league.

Premier League Top 10 Misses Ever

Even if you are the best striker of your generation as a player, it doesn’t mean there won’t be a bad day in the office for you.

Premier League lists 10 horrific misses

The English top-flight league recently shared video of attackers that were not always so lucky in front of goal in a social media post.

The video is a compilation of 10 horrible misses which features some of the most famous names that have ever played in the league.

These misses show the blunders as well as shocking moments of panic from players who were seen as the best during those times.

The misses in the Premier League highlights that these players are indeed humans and have blood flowing in them.

The video shared by Premier League on their official account even captured Manchester City’s legend Sergio Aguero.

The Argentine, who despite holding record of 184 goals for the Cityzens, failed to convert a goal when his team faced Chelsea.

Former Nigerian Super Eagles striker, Nwankwo Kano, was also in the the video as he missed an equalizer for West Brom.

Ballon d’Or winner Luka Modric, who previously played for Tottenham Hotspurs before moving to Madrid, missed a glorious chance.

The most famous of the compilation was the Fernando Torres’ open-goal miss against Manchester United in the early days of his Chelsea career.

Premier League Top 10 Misses Ever

That particular Premier League miss has been immortalized in meme culture even though the Spaniard helped Chelsea win the 2012 Champions League.

Nigerian sensation, Kanu’s miss can also be categorized same with that of Torres as both their teams needed an equalizer.

Raheem Sterling is also on the list after a beautiful Kyle Walker cross found the attacker, but he failed to convert the chance.

Others who were featured in the funny compilation include Leeds’ Patrick Bamford, Liverpool’s Maxi Rodriguez and Ronny Rosenthal, and Southampton’s Shane Long.

From the Video posted above, which of these Premier League misses will you call the worst?

Would it be that of Fernando Torres, Sergio Aguero, Raheem Sterling or even former Nigerian striker, Nwankwo Kanu?

Premier League Top 10 Misses Ever

Tell us which you feel is most deserving of the tag for ‘Most Horrific Misses’ among these aforementioned in the comments section.


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