Why Manchester City Owner, Sheikh Mansour, Has Only Watched The Club Once

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Sheikh Mansour, the owner of Manchester City, has only watched the club play once in person since buying it in 2008.

Mansour was on the stands as Manchester City won their first Champions League trophy in their second final at Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Turkey last season.

Sheikh Mansour Manchester City

It was the first time he has joined the fans on the Stadium to watch the club play. There are a few possible reasons for this.

He is a very busy man: Sheikh Mansour is the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the Minister of Presidential Affairs. He also owns a number of other businesses and organizations. He may simply not have the time to watch City play every week.

He prefers to stay in the background: Sheikh Mansour is not a flamboyant personality. He prefers to let the club’s management team do the talking and make the decisions. He may not want to draw attention to himself by attending games.

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He is not a football fan: Sheikh Mansour is not known to be a big football fan. He may have bought City as a way to improve the UAE’s image on the world stage, rather than because he is passionate about the sport.

It is also worth noting that Sheikh Mansour does not own Manchester City outright. He is part of a group of investors called the City Football Group, which also owns a number of other clubs around the world. This means that he may not feel the need to attend City games as often, as he is confident that the club is being run well by the management team.

Whatever the reason, Sheikh Mansour’s absence from City games has not prevented the club from being successful. They have won the Premier League seven times since he bought them, and they are also regular contenders in the Champions League.

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