Kanu Nwankwo wants Manchester United Odion Ighalo to rethink about his retirement from national team

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Manchester United forward, Odion Ighalo announced his retirement from the national team after the African Cup of Nations in 2019 hosted by Egypt, where he redeemed the glory he lost during the World Cup hosted by Russia in 2018. After Nigeria’s match against her worst nightmare, Argentina, Nigerians blamed Odion Ighalo for the inability of Nigeria to move to the round of 16 after he failed to convert clear chances to goal.

However, with the AFCON 2019, Odion Ighalo was able to redeem himself, Nigerians chanted his name after the tournament. Nevertheless, he hung the boot when the ovation was the loudest, that was his best way of getting back at Nigerians for how he was badly treated after the world cup. He must have worked hard to perform well at the Nation’s cup and retire thereafter, at least, Nigeria will know what they miss when he’s gone.

After he got signed to one of the biggest clubs in the world, Manchester United, to play in one of the most competitive leagues, Premier League, in the world, the Edo-born striker came to limelight again. Reasonably, any team playing against Manchester United is playing against Nigeria because of the love they have for Ighalo.

Interestingly, former Nigerian star man, Kanu Nwankwo hopes the Odion Ighalo will have a rethink about his retirement for the national team. He explained that the National team needs every player who is in form. In his words: “Nigeria needs every good player no matter where they are playing or their age,”

“If he performs in Manchester United, we will ask him to come back and tell him to forget what he said.

“This is football and we have to watch and see how the situation would unfold. Not just Ighalo, Nigeria need whoever is in form.”

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