Premier League Players Arrested in The Last Three Years And The Crime Committed


    Premier League Players Arrested in the last three years are mostly from a big-name club. Over those years, many were arrested for sexual assault on their girlfriends or unknown ladies, and some were arrested on the basis of drunk driving.

    Which Premier League players Have been Arrested?

    1. Mason Greenwood
    The First Premier League player arrested on the list is Mason Greenwood. Last year, an incident occurred where Manchester United winger Greenwood was accused of rape, assault, and making threats to kill, engaging in controlling and coercive behavior.

    Mason Greenwood in action for Manchester United

    The player assaulted the girlfriend, who exposed pictures and videos of being assaulted through Snapchat.

    Even with Manchester United’s suspension, the player’s name is still on the club’s team list.

    2. Benjamin Mendy

    The French defender was accused of rape by different girls while he was playing for Manchester City. The rape accusation sent him out of Manchester City and gave him reasons to always visit the court.

    Mendy after France lifted the world Cup

    However, Mendy was not found guilty of six charges he was accused of, he was found not guilty on three charges but may be penalized for the other charge in the future.

    3. Thomas Partey

    The Arsenal and Ghana defensive midfielder was arrested after a woman came online to accuse him of sexual assault. According to the lady, the incident happened when both of them were on vacation. The lady called Partey a serial rapist.

    Premier League Players Arrested
    Thomas Partey in action against Manchester City

    According to other reports, the investigation has stopped after a failure to find tangible evidence against the player.

    4. Yves Bissouma

    The former Brighton midfielder was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault on October 6, 2021. He was later released on bail on November 3, 2021. Last year, the player was cleared of sexual assault.

    Premier League Players Arrested
    Bissouma in action for Tottenham Hotspur

    However, he has moved to Tottenham after failing to sign a new deal at Brighton. Although the Malian has failed to cement his place in the Antonio Conte’s team,

    5. Harry Maguire

    The former Manchester United captain was involved in a brawl on the Greek island of Mykonos with the police after his sister was allegedly injected with a substance on the street. However, he was later released after the intervention of the UK government.

    Harry Maguire shake Erik Ten Hag

    6. Joelinton

    When you ask who is the Premier League player arrested in Newcastle Football club, it is Brazilian Joelinton.

    The Newcastle midfielder was arrested for drunk driving and was banned from driving by the police with a fine of £29,000. He appeared in the customary court after his side’s win against Southampton in the first leg of the Carabao Cup semi-finals.

    Premier League Players Arrested
    Joelinton celebrating after scoring a goal

    However, a lot of fans have criticized Newcastle manager Eddie Howe for the continuous use of the Brazilian immediately after the incident.

    7. Mason Mount

    Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell were arrested for organizing what was suspected to be an illegal party last year. The police arrested them for violating COVID-19 rules. However, Mount and Chilwell were set free after the two players apologized.

    Mason Mount preparing to play for Chelsea

    8. Aaron Wan Bissaka

    Aaron Wan-Bissaka, a defender for Manchester United, pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle while ineligible.

    Aaron Wan Bissaka coming out of the court

    The 23-year-old also pleaded guilty to charges of operating a car on public property without third-party insurance and operating a vehicle in a manner not authorized by a license.

    9. Kurt Zouma

    He was arrested after a video surfaced online showing how he kicked his car aggressively. The video sparked public outcry, and many wanted him jailed for animal cruelty. 

    West Ham fined the player 250,000 pounds and also got 180 hours community service from the court.

    10. Ivan Toney

    Ivan Toney was charged with breaching the betting rules. He was originally charged with over 232 breaches of betting rules in November of next year.

    Who Is The Premier League Player Arrested

    Anthony Stokes, a former Irish football player, was been charged with dangerous driving in his home nation. Drugs in an undisclosed quantity were also discovered in the vehicle. he was arrested

    A disclosed Premier League player was also arrested for the issue of rape, but he was granted bail in November 2022. 

    Who Is The Premier League Player Arrested Twitter?

    Twitter exploded after it was announced that Manchester United’s young star Mason Greenwood had been arrested by the police over the sex assault on his girlfriend.

    Some Manchester United fans have protested on Twitter for the return of the winger. But it is up to the Manchester United board to decide whether to bring him in or not while he is still battling to clear his name.


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